The Wrong-Track Polling Paradox of Yuppie Women

Polls are making the rounds that say that between 2/3 and 3/4 of the population think that the country is on the wrong track. Which brings to mind two questions.

Who are the ‘right-trackers’ that believe life in America is just fine and dandy?

Secondly, how can a portion of those who correctly diagnose that conditions are indeed deplorable, irrationally support the status quo? Who are those who say,”We’re a cesspool and we want more!!!”?

The  Selfish and Ignorant: Everything’s A-OK! 

Those in the first camp are easy to explain, for surely they have their tents staked either in the grounds of selfishness or ignorance. We all personally know at least a few of these happy campers.

The self-centered believe, “My lot is one of plenty. I have a good job. I enjoy a happily materialistic lifestyle. Those in my immediate sphere are also prospering. Perhaps I also take great satisfaction that my particular political ideology has taken root in this country and I am the beneficiary of its implementation.” We’ll call this the Nouveau-Woodstock camp of 2016. It is filled with the same leftists as the 1969 original, but supplemented with large corporate sponsorships. For them it is simple: spark up a blunt and keep the good times rolling. That their stated ideals of peace and a rejection of materialism have degenerated into a love of power and money is immaterial; no one ever votes against their own vested interests. They’ve become what they once despised and now have the men in the Armani suits as their wing men. These are the hypocrites of ages that must be exposed by dragging them into the sunlight for the societal vampires they are. The world is falling apart but they think the good life is going to last forever. They’re partying a hair’s breadth from disaster, just like this guy:

Then there are the ignorant and apathetic. They can’t be bothered to pay attention, so to them likewise in this article I shall pay no heed. People stuck in mental torpors and addiction-addled existences can only emerge of their own accord. If they choose to act the role of the ostrich, so be it.

Liberal Yuppie Women: We Hate/Love/Hate the Wrong Track

Now to answer the second question, that of the incongruous among us: the Clinton supporters who say the country is on the wrong track. As the polls highlight, these citizens sense something is terribly wrong with the world today, yet, in the logic of the lunatic, still plan to vote to affirm its source. It’s like they love their oppressors.

Generally speaking, who are these conflicted souls? I’ll have to duck your tomatoes for saying this: they are mostly liberal, college-educated, urban white women, who, in the main, possess average to high IQs but are badly in want of wisdom. Even amongst this bastion of Democratic voters, by a 2-to-1 margin (58 to 30) they say the country is on the wrong track. However, they still plan on voting for Hillary Clinton. That is an elite level of dissonance for college grads.

It seems counter-intuitive to state that the highly educated are illogical. But therein lies the point; a college education in the past 30-40 years or so is merely an expensive rolled-up piece of paper stuffed with common sense-usurping propaganda. 

The storm of the paradox clashes in them, a constant conflict between faulty thoughts and a sound gut.

These are neither the selfish nor the ignorant, uninformed people we discussed earlier.

  • They see the homeless with their own two eyes when they walk to their corporate jobs in the big city.
  • They see racial divisions worsening.
  • They read the newspaper reports about the migrant rapes of women in Europe.
  • They turn on the telly and watch the aftermath of bombs being detonated by Muslim extremists that have infiltrated America.

And they feel horrible about it. This proves their natural instinct for empathy is still profound, stronger than most any man’s.

So far, so good. Which leaves us with only a few possible explanations for this odd Stockholm Syndrome prevalent in this group.

  1. They lack the historical knowledge and deductive skills to place the blame for society’s ills where it belongs.


      2. Their thought processes have been so screwed up by the propaganda of the Left so ingrained in higher                            education and the culture, that it overrides the still intact, but now subordinated, female gut instinct.

Those of you who have been reading my poor, lonely blog will rightly guess I believe it is reason #2. If your arm is still sore from chucking those tomatoes, you’ll feel it’s ready to fall off when I mention this:

The more Utopian you are – women and the most highly educated fit this group better than any other –  the more susceptible you are to propaganda because Utopians believe the fallacy that mankind can improve on God’s natural law. They cannot believe that their teachers and political leaders who were of such good initial intentions could possibly have created our modern dystopia by implanting subjectivist theory in every corner of life. Yet it’s all gone bad and they at least sense it.

25944583793_86932555d1_bBut it must, in their minds, be someone else’s doing. They can’t reconcile that it was their fault since they were the ones who voted in the current failed regime which has been the very apotheosis of touchy-feely leftist idealism. They ate the lie and are having trouble shitting out the consequences. Most people can never admit to being wrong, even to themselves. It turns out the leftists have egos too. And so, everything bad today must be the fault of people like Donald Trump even though the Left have been at the wheel of the American Mystery Machine for decades. They’d rather elect a one-woman criminal enterprise than expose her for being precisely what they claim to hate. Ah, but there is always the next social justice protest-agogo to feel like a caring revolutionary again. This demographic element must either own up to its delusions or learn to enjoy seeing the wheat of civilization plowed ‘neath the cultural combine they helped build.

It is these the Trump campaign must sway for his election. But more importantly,  it is in the hopes of their political awakening that America’s chances of survival rest for they hold the key to all our fetters. We don’t have the numbers without them. Unfortunately, they are hesitating to use it.




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