Worst Case Scenario if Hillary Wins? Civil War

Pointed at a red state near you...

As we are living in such undeniably precarious times, it is vital for concerned citizens to stay on top of political and economic global trends if we are to provide even the hope of a bright future for our loved ones. To that end, I’ll be adding a series of analytical articles to Dystopia, USA , where I’ll sift through the minutiae of our endless 24/7 news cycles to find and assemble the puzzle pieces most likely to reveal the big picture.

Since I am currently bearish on most everything in our declining culture, it will mostly be grim reading. But as the sun’s rays occasionally break through even the densest foliage of the darkest forests, so too will some bits of news give cause for optimism and I will be sure to include those as well. Thoughtful, accurate analysis can only be called that if it is as unbiased as possible. If you ever catch me being a perma-anything, be sure to drop a note in the comments section calling me a crank.

The analytical articles will serve as a kind of time capsule for my predictions and will include some of my philosophical and historical musings as well. So without any further ado, here is my first “futurist” article. It’s a long one and will be split into several parts.

The Coming Secessionist Movement if Hillary Wins the Next Election

The next 20 years brings with it the distinct possibility of strong secessionist movements developing in the United States (either concurrently or as a counterpart to the coming dissolution of the European Union) and if those movements are blunted, there exists an outlying chance of a Second Civil War. But for the country to reach such a horrible destination, certain conditions must be in place, a “perfect storm” if you will. Most of us can see the thunderheads forming on the American horizon. Like most storms, it could dissipate with the right atmospheric changes. But if just a few more things go wrong, it will strengthen fearsomely and head right our way.

These are the last remaining conditions that will send us towards the ultimate peril:

Condition 1: Financial Collapse

A near-to-intermediate term financial calamity is all but certain, worse by orders of magnitude than the low-growth zombie economy of the past eight years. I’ll not regurgitate here the litany of economic distortions and perversities that have bought this about. Mountains of evidence all over the web. I will limit myself to saying simply that the Federal Reserve is in (and thus so too, are we, its vassals) financial checkmate. The Fed has been maneuvered, through its own incompetence, into a section of the chess board where it can only slide back and forth on two remaining squares: black deflation or white stagflation.

The Fed is in Financial Checkmate.
The Fed is in Financial Checkmate.

Raising interest rates would bring about an almost immediate deflationary collapse, the global Great Depression II. Politicians and bureaucrats will never do ANYTHING that causes immediate, harmful consequences to the economy because it endangers their reelection or appointments. But what if the incumbents are already on their way out?

My bet is the powers-that-be would choose to flip the board rather than cede defeat to us Deplorables. If Donald Trump is elected, there is a chance that President Obama might dog-whistle to Janet Yellen to hike rates in early November (if a Trump victory looks likely) and/or in mid-December. After all, if the economic game is already over, why not then tank the economy and ensure Trump is a one-termer?

I know two Federal Reserve Board Meetings doesn’t seem like much time to do damage. But one or two hikes of 25 bips would be all it would take. Picture our Bizarro-economy as a train being chased by a gang of robbers that has run out of coal. Interest rates are the slope of the train track. As long as rates are continually lowered, quickly and from say 5% to 0% as in the late 2000s, it can keep going on momentum. But rates have been zero-bound for years, all flat terrain for the powerless locomotive. The 1/4% raise last year just about brought it to a stop. Any raise in the grade and that train won’t chug and the ride’s over for good.

But if Hillary wins, they will continue to grease the cogs of the printing press for a smoother transition. With the Fed Funds currently at 1/4 of a percent, lowering to zero or inevitably -and even more grotesquely-  negative rates, the collapse will be more to what we’re accustomed to: a slow, painful water torture of low growth, increased asset prices and a continuing of massive gaps in incomes. This is the very course we have been on since 2008. It is the easier path for politicians and financiers, of whom no one has ever accused of understanding the wisdom of Frost’s The Road Not Taken.

If stagflation is the choice, it buys us time, but time measured in months, not years. It is no panacea. It is a form of doom regardless,  just with different economic jargon. The problem for the Cabal of Corruption is that the public has, gradually too, gotten wise to the game. And judging from Donald Trump’s nomination and the Brexit victory this summer, we have found outlets for our anger. Call it rock and a hard place or ‘twixt Scylla and Charybdis, or whatever your choice of metaphor…All their remaining choices will lead to some form of revolt.

So now the two chess spaces left for the King to trod upon are under siege by the pawns. He’s running out of space and choices. This means the time for impossible economic decisions is drawing neigh. Really soon.

Add to this financial toxic brew the race war being stoked by the political left and its media subsidiary and mix in a dash of what FBI Director James Comey called the Terrorist Diaspora, and you have either the Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning depending on your viewpoint. Life is about to get a whole lot different.

All the prerequisites will be in place for economic collapse. This will probably occur (I emphasis probably, for mankind’s destiny is never assured except for the moment when God calls us home) regardless of whether inflation or deflation is chosen or whomever ends up residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the next 4-8 years.

Condition 2: Breakdown of Law and Order


Riots will be commonplace in major cities.
Riots will be commonplace in major cities.

What remains to be seen is whether societal collapse accompanies our grim economic future. This is variable to some degree based on the presidential election. According to my theory, Trump is the more likely candidate to win. A Trump victory, especially if he wins with a mandate, will bring with it a measure of hope for the return of law-and-order and an end to financial and political corruption. Hard times can be endured if the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel exists.

Now if Hillary wins this November, that is where my Secessionist Movement and Second Civil War prediction may come to fruition. America hasn’t been so divided as it is today. Not even the cultural upheaval of the 1960s compares. Sure, there are similarities; there were terrible race riots then, too, and yesterday’s flower children were as eager to cast off Western and Christian traditions as today’s leftist SJW brown shirts. The primary difference is that nearly a half-century of Marxist/Boomer influence has severed a good portion of the American people from her founding principles. The Leftists have cut the ties of patriotism, religion and tradition (which they abhor) that had once intertwined all men and women of good faith and made the idea of the Melting Pot possible.

The radicals of the nineteen-sixties demanded, and were granted, entry at the American political restaurant and are the hoary Chefs de Cuisine of our day. And like all Utopian tinkerers they thought they could improve the Melting Pot. If a little of something is good – immigration, multiculturalism – a lot of it must be great. They poured out the stock of values which formed the stabilizing base of the recipe, dolloped in volatile spices in its stead and now the ingredients don’t blend well together.  Errors cannot be admitted, thus they insist this gruel is good for you and is pleasing to your palate. Damn your bad taste anyway! What they tried to cook in their younger years is merely the appetizer to the four-course meal of racial tumult, nihilism, censorship, and propaganda we’re being served today.

They have worked their way up the ladder similarly in media outlets and in the educational system, and they have not been gold-bricking in that time. They have undermined Natural Law to the very point that up is down and down is up. And as you would expect in such an Orwellian world, moral hazards abound in Big Finance, popular culture and governance. Bad behavior in all phases of life is not so much as even tut-tutted anymore. It is actively rewarded.

As a result, the remnants of the old guard that, gasp!, still believes in traditional values and reveres the Constitution, have been set to the margins in the country founded on its tenets. And they don’t take it lightly anymore. The Left and the shape-shifting crony capitalists adjusted the stove burners just high enough, in stages, to boil the “average American” frog. The scalded amphibian has finally noticed he’s on the plate next. It senses it is his very existence that is now in question. One more Democratic victory in November means four more years of winked-at immigration which entails the demographical end of Traditionalists. Fewer and fewer of these newcomers will be the immigrants seeking to work hard and be good citizens to build a good life in a nation they WANT to assimilate into. They will come to use our welfare system. It will be four more years of a kind of teeter-totter captivity with you in the air and unvetted Islamist hostiles joining in with other system-exploiters demanding your lunch.

We will be inhabiting this 3000-mile wide section of the Earth’s skin with people who could not be more different from us if they came from the dark side of the moon. This is the Balkanizing of America and the entire Western world so that Leftists can win elections in perpetuity. Everyone now is an interest group unto themselves, professional victims demanding slices of pie they never helped bake. Holy hell, we can’t even agree on what constitutes gender anymore.

If and when the next economic cataclysm arrives, you will have factions unused to compromise – and unwilling to learn the art-demanding their subset be the first to get the remaining jobs and scarce resources for when the worst hits. If there were to be a disruption of the supply chain – say if Deutsche Bank goes under, making all counterparties freeze up lending – riots would most assuredly ensue. It will be like a Walmart Christmas trampling to the infinite degree for what’s left. The inner cities will be the worst. Police under a Clinton presidency might be asked to stand down rather than risk angering her Black Lives Matter supporters that put her in office.

Could Deutsche Bank be the catalyst for economic contagion?
Could Deutsche Bank be the catalyst for economic contagion?

Endless feedback loops would abound. With lawlessness, looting and violence ramping up in the big cities, you would then see corporations, which like to keep vanity headquarters in metropolitan areas for prestige, pull out to the suburbs. More jobs lost or relocated. Anyone economically able would flee the new, urban war zones. Small mom-and-pop neighborhood stores shutter their doors. More jobs lost. Lower tax revenues for the government. Lots of .gov jobs lost. Ad infinitum. To borrow a line from Billy Pilgrim, “and so it goes.”


In part two, I’ll delve into how America will further segregate politically, racially ,economically along tribal lines if Hillary wins the 2016 election. The red state/blue state divide we have today could potentially become the new Mason/Dixon line.

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