What is Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Up To?

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is up to something very strange in his role as Special Prosecutor in the “Russian collusion investigation” of President Donald Trump.

But what is it and why?

Without delving into the argument that this whole investigation is an obvious farce, let me merely limit myself to listing the almost comical examples of Mueller’s conflicts of interest and improprieties:

  • He is good friends with the most pertinent known witness in the case, James Comey.
  • The above-referenced witness was his immediate successor as FBI Director.
  • He has packed his investigative team with Clinton/Obama supporters, including one who has worked for the Clinton Foundation criminal enterprise.
  • The frequent leaks by his team to the Deep State media.

Now we can add being a “Clinton Uranium Mule” to Mueller’s running litany of conflicts.

“Trumped-up charges” with a capital T.

In all realms of legal or quasi-legal proceedings, any judge, lawyer, expert witness, arbitrator, or mediator must either recuse himself or, at a minimum, divulge any potential personal conflict (including any conflicts extending to family members, past and present employers, etc.) to ensure a fair hearing to both sides of a case. A legal professional with just the slightest kernel of integrity would recuse instantly for a fraction of Mueller’s conflicts.

It’s just all so blatant and obvious. He is almost begging to get himself fired.

It’s almost too telegraphed. Spooks, retired and active alike, as a matter of practice hardly ever say or do anything straight. Factoring that in, let us now consider the following scenarios:

The Face Value Theory: this investigation will end up being a kangaroo court with a predetermined outcome at worst or devolve into a case of mission creep (think: we must find a witch to burn) at best. Since Congressional Republicans had the necessary clout and votes, if unified, to end this poorly-acted bit of theater before it started, we can only assume under this theory that a faction of the GOP wants nothing more than to cover for the Deep State.

The Trap Theory: by getting the President to fire him, he triggers the Deep State to attempt an impeachment.

The Get Out From Under Theory: Mueller and Comey believe that the shadow government they served so long   is on life support now that so much corruption is known to the masses. They believe that Trump cannot fire Mueller because he will be accused of obstruction and potentially impeached. Under this theory, the FBI bros know that there is absolutely zero evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. Who would know better than they? Even the rabidly anti-Trump media will accept a “conclusion of no collusion” since Mueller has packed the investigative team with Clinton and Obama shills. By Comey’s gambit of outing Loretta Lynch, he signaled to Congress that he is looking to deal his way out from under the Clinton’s deadly gaze. His BFF Mueller then gives Comey immunity to take down the Swamp instead, thereby saving both their necks from the gallows when the Deep State is fully exposed.

I subscribe to . But, as usual, we must wait, since we are just the captive witnesses standing at the rails of a very high-stakes political poker game.

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