Weiner Gets Stiff Sentence: 21 Months

hard time for anthony weiner

The normally flaccid penal system actually worked. A crooked politician actually got hard time.

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner didn’t get off. He was sentenced to a 21 month prison term by Federal Judge Denise Cote.

This seems like an appropriate punishment for Weiner; neither too long, nor too limp.

Weiner did not erupt in anger, but was remorseful, rather.

He made a tearful last-minute plea for probation so he can continue his treatment, which includes sessions with Sex Addicts Anonymous.

“If I fail, I know what will happen,” Weiner said. “But with God’s grace I will not.”

Apparently he will receive probation and his future release will be supervised – but probably not by estranged wife Huma Abedin, who was a no-show in court.

Read more on his sentencing here.

Ah well, at least ol’ Carlos Danger won’t need a pseudonym when he get to the cooler.

Next up, maybe he will reveal what is on those computer files marked, “Insurance”.

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  1. Very punny stuff there LF, on a most serious issue! This sick animal of a man child should never see light of day again! He is a self professed child molester, self professed after being caught, repeatedly!!!
    This libeeral Dimtard should spend his remaining days helping those whom they claim to represent, a large, angry “African-American” cell mate, helping to release “Bubba’s”sexual tensions! That and recreation, Nancy boys make great human punching bags! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving maggot on the planet.

    Sorry Sir, but I can find NO humor in sick bastards that destroy children’s innocence. Further, did this maggot actually do the perp walk from the court hearing (in manacles ), or is this going to be appealed, reheard, and forgotten? Like most all issues dealing with the alleged elite!

    • He pleaded guilty, so I believe there will be no appeals.

      May it be just the first of many perp walks, Lucretius! Those who have hopped aboard the Lolita Express to Little St. James Island need to go next. That little black book of Epstein’s likely contains several dozen names of our elected leaders. One of the reasons I trust Trump to take them down is because he banned Epstein from all Trump properties. He knows the swamp minions are complete animals. Weiner is just a garden-variety horndog in comparison.

      In all seriousness, the lost innocence of youth is a strong symptom of what ails modern life. This sentence is a good – and appropriate – start.

  2. “If I fail, I know what will happen,” Weiner said.

    That’s not a plea for leniency, that’s a politely worded threat, which translates as: “If you throw me in the slammer your daughter’s next!” Don’t drop the soap, Tony Boy.

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