Wall-Building is Becoming a Trend Again

wall building is a global thing now

I read this interesting article from the Times of Israel (excerpted below) about the Turks building a barrier to keep out the Kurds.

This is all part of a major trend towards nationalism throughout the globe that started about two years back. It’s how I knew Trump would be elected well ahead of almost everyone. And a healthy trend it is, if we want a sane world. The globalists can’t be happy that their plans are being sabotaged at nearly every turn.

Japan for the Japanese, Israel for the Israelis, Turkey for the Turks. Now if the leftists in the West can understand that it should apply to America and Europe as well, we might speed up this trend even more.


ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey has begun building a “security wall” along part of its border with Iran, regional officials said Tuesday, in a move aimed at stopping Kurdish separatists.

Pictures showing huge concrete blocks being moved into place were published on the governor’s website for the eastern Agri province.

Turkish authorities announced construction of a 144-kilometer (80-mile) long barrier in May as a means of blocking cross-border movements by members of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). The entire Turkish-Iranian frontier is around 500 kilometers long.

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