Trump’s “Shithole” Comment Wooed Back Ann Coulter

trump wins back ann coulter with shithole comment

Civility is a virtue. But it can return when the nation’s problems are fixed.

Until political correctness has a stake put through it, trolling is vital to saving the country.

No one does it better than these two. I say this with extreme affection.



Conservative commentator and immigration hawk Ann Counter has harshly criticized President Trump in recent days for his negotiations with Democrats on immigration. However, Trump may have won Coulter back by calling some third world countries “shitholes” Thursday.

The comments were in response to remarks made by the president at the White House Thursday.

In a private meeting with lawmakers, Trump is quoted as saying:

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

The president was specifically referring to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries and a proposal to restore protections to them.

In response to the remarks, Coulter said that Trump was trying to “win” her back.

The White House did not deny the president said this, but gave reporters this quote on the subject:

The administration is currently attempting to reach a deal on giving illegal aliens who came to the U.S. as minors permanent legalization. We have yet to see how the comments will affect the legislation.



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