Trump Knows About the Clinton Foundation and Haiti

trump knows all about haiti clinton foundation human trafficking

I know many folks are skeptical of my thesis that President Trump is quietly, patiently, putting the screws to the shadow government. As I said in this article, I understand and accept that skepticism.

But there is one supporting point I forgot to include. And it is a big one. Do you remember that glorious night at the Al Smith Dinner where Trump carpet-bombed Hillary Clinton with inconvenient truths? Watch this clip, and pay close attention from 14:38 to 14:53.

“Hillary famously said it takes a village. Which is interesting, because in Haiti she’s taken a number of them”

Now gauge Hillary’s reaction. It is one of utter shock and horror. With the rest of the barbs she endured that night, she would put on that faux good-natured, robotic grin of hers. Not here.

hillary clinton knows donald trump knows about her crimes
If looks could kill.

[Let me give a tip of my hat to an anonymous poster on another website’s comments section for pointing this out. He was kind enough to link to one of my articles in his post. ]

This speaks volumes as to the amount of dirt that Trump has on the Clinton Foundation/Deep State’s involvement in human trafficking. Be patient.

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