“The Calm Before The Storm”

trump calm before the storm is this it deep state going down

“You’ll see.”

Hey folks,

I’ve deliberately refrained from discussing the Las Vegas Massacre in any depth until now. Quite frankly, because until today I’ve found it as confusing as everyone else. The internet is filled with millions of opinions and lots of noise on this tragedy. I didn’t feel I had anything new to add or even had any clarity in my own mind.

In such times, reflection – away from the fray – and deep thinking is best. What I’m about to write is still just conjecture obviously.

There are still so many agendas and disinformation tactics to sort through. I liken it to when a phlebotomist takes a blood sample that the lab rejects because it is tainted source. No accurate conclusions can be arrived at when “facts” are disseminated from the intelligence agencies to the mainstream media who, in turn, disseminate them to the public.

And both those entities have proven track records of suppressing truth and spreading lies.

So when in doubt, I tend to go with a combination of gut, psychology, and the known, historical motivations of people in power.

And when President Trump made his “calm before the storm” comment today, my gut kicked in to overdrive. It made me think of the article I wrote a little over a month ago about how the noose was tightening on the Deep State.

Here is some of what I said:

To get the answer, you first you need to ask the following questions:

  • Why is the left going absolutely insane about one unfortunate woman in Charlottesville?
  • Why is Nancy Pelosi pushing to formally censure the president for his simple, commonsensical, and decidedly uncontroversial rebuke of all the bad actors involved?
  • Why is the media pushing this story 24/7 while Russia got dropped like a hot potato?
  • Why are the MSM and most of the Democratic Party egging on Antifa?
  • Why did a Missouri State Senator openly state on Facebook that she wishes for an assassination of Trump?
  • Why are web hosting services kicking alt-right websites off their servers? Why are conservatives on Patreon and YouTube getting both demonized and demonitized? Why is the First Amendment being targeted BECAUSE OF ONE NEO-NAZI ASSHOLE?

But the even more important question is:

Why now?

Because the Deep State are scared absolutely shitless and they are emptying the last chambers of their political revolver.

They know what awaits them in the future. They need to bring about 1984 soon or lose power forevermore.

Or worse. They fear the awakening populace.

It is coup time or noose time; they are attempting to rile up the useful idiots of both ideological extremes with paranoia and disinformation in one massive play of identity politics to help undermine the duly-elected leader of the United States – the man who kept them from a total victory.

And that leader has all the dirt on them now.

The Swamp knows it too:

  • They know Imran Awan is the loose thread that unravels everything and he’s probably already turned state’s evidence to the Trump DOJ.
  • They know what was in that report that Devin Nunes gave to Trump.
  • They know why Dianne Feinstein was so ashen-faced and upset.
  • They know Robert Mueller is likely investigating the Democrats instead of the alleged Russian collusion in the Administration.
  • They know Hillary Clinton will be indicted soon, with all the corruption of the Foundation implicating half the Deep State.
  • They know Julian Assange didn’t meet with Dana Rohrabacher to discuss Vegemite recipes.
  • They know Seth Rich was a leaker.
  • They know why Donald Trump has surrounded himself with military generals.
  • They know Bannon is more useful being the scourge of globalists at Breitbart now that he’s purged the bad seeds in the intel agencies.
  • They know Antifa is now under surveillance and will likely soon be declared a domestic terrorist organization.

But they have learned it too late.

Trump will soon call all-in holding a royal straight flush.

The Deep State is drawing dead.

The Swamp has only one out left: conjuring the necessary card by cheating with a false flag.

Watch the dealer closely in the coming weeks.


Well, I think Las Vegas might have been the Deep State’s sloppy, last-ditch effort to start a color revolution.

And judging from Trump’s words tonight, I think he’s going to show the American people the greater hand very soon.

Perhaps we’ll learn what “covfefe” really meant.


Just a couple of other passing thoughts…

…Stephen Paddock was, in his own physically unremarkable way, almost straight out of Central Casting for being a spook.

  • He was an accountant, a skill for which the intel agencies actively recruit.
  • He was a loner with few friends and lived in many, many different places.
  • He worked for Lockheed Martin.
  • In his recent “career” he gambled and was a real estate millionaire. I could not think of many better ways to launder money than through casinos or properties.
  • He had at least some proficiency and knowledge of firearms.
  • He knew how to come up with complex logistical plans.

…Judging by how frazzled (and wonderfully human) the police chief in Vegas has been, I’d guess this is/was far larger-scale than we know.

Interesting times in which we live. All things considered, boring, simpler times seem pretty damned idyllic. Hopefully this all ends peacefully and we can return to happier times.

Be safe, friends.

…Imran Awan is back in court Friday morning. Phew.


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