Trump Ain’t Heavy, He’s Our Brother

Let’s speak without any spin, without using any of the social media-inspired sound bites we heard ad nauseam last night seeking to convince everyone that our guy crushed it in the debate.

At first, you’ll think I’m bashing Donald Trump. But at the end you’ll see that I’m making the best possible argument for his surrogates to use to get him elected.

We will leave false confidence to the paid hacks of the Uniparty, who spin truth into unrecognizable tangles of deceit. Regardless of who wins, those of us who are not family members or seeking employment at 1600 Pennsylvania have the freedom to call it as we see it. To reach across the aisle to the soft Clinton supporters, shilling does more harm than good. The Leftist Machine is so close to imploding. Don’t give them cause to bunker down by acting like partisan fools. We need to speak to them one-on-one, man-to-man, woman-to-woman as you and I are this moment.

Now you might bristle at first, but a little tough love and a shit-ton of intellectual honesty is constructive and liberating. Why should we fear to speak the truth? It is our dearest ally. Doubly so since this election at heart truly is not about Donald Trump. It is about we the people.

As such, it’s time to change debate tactics with the Left. We can play the liberal’s propaganda game until we’re blue in the face, but that won’t change the truth, and it only mars our integrity in the attempt. They are better at it, regardless.

One disarms the opponent with complete honesty. It is time to start to concede the unimportant points to extol the greater virtues. 

Concede. Then hammer with truth.

I’ll give the first example and start us off by saying to an imaginary soft-Clinton supporter:

“Yeah, Hillary is a decent debater and Trump sucks at it, I can’t deny that. He does have trouble stringing together coherent sentences when he’s flustered. But ya know what, so do most non-politicians. I know a good debater when I see one. Nigel Farage is a good debater. Laura Ingraham is a good debater. Pat Buchanan is a good debater. Ann Coulter is a good debater. Newt Gingrich is a good debater. Each of them would have exsanguinated Hillary Clinton with the WikiLeaks documents and Project Veritas videos and left a puddle of bubbling witch ichor at her podium.

That’s more effective than, “Rah! Rah! Trump!”

So give the Devil Left its due of minutiae. Trump does brag boorishly about his wealth. He is impetuous. He is beyond all doubt a narcissist. He has bullshitted when cornered on occasion.  He is in over his head on some select policy matters.

But so what? That is the whole point is it not? He’s flawed just like his fellow humans. He’s not a political robot. Why dissemble away his flaws when they can be used to juxtapose his strengths?

It is precisely those aforementioned flaws combined with his unrefined bravery that makes him the only HONEST proxy in the political sphere for people like us. Only a rich, impetuous narcissist could have dared poke a stick at and taunt the venomous, seditious, globalist snake. He’s a 100% instinctual America Firster. No upwardly-mobile politician who thinks only with calculated mind would play William Jennings Bryan against the Deep State.

It is because of that strong thumos that he became our standard bearer. His willingness to even go near, much less to carry, the burdensome basket of politically-incorrect deplorables that the dominant leftist media culture has continually villified showed amazing courage. 

Every arrow that has pierced Trump’s hide was meant for us, my friend. The big money establishment, the Ministry of Truth, the corrupt Clinton Machine would have done this to any candidate who opposed them. To get to us. It is ourselves – the angry populace that is on to their wretched game – that they fear, not Donald Trump. Yet because of his courage and instincts he’s gotten us farther than we would have ever thought possible.

And now, because of those wounds taken on our behalf and his own inherent limitations, he’s gone as far as he can go without our help. The post-debate focus by the media on his (rightly) not affirming the validity of a rigged election has been merciless. He needs us now.  He never abandoned us when he could have gone back to his billions or altered his message to pacify the GOP Quislings. He has been our Atlas. It is our turn to carry him to the finish line. 

Trump ain’t heavy. He’s our brother.

With nineteen days left until the election, it is just too cowardly to hang out only with the choir. We have to leave the cozy nests of Breitbart and TakiMag and InfoWars for a stretch. If Trump needs a percent or two more, those integers won’t be found amongst the already converted.

We have to go to the dens of propaganda like The Washington Pravda and the New York Times and Huffington Post and take a few arrows of our own.

Not to troll. But to spread the message that the corruption of the Leftist Machine has made their readership victims of Stockholm Syndrome. Be calm, be patient, but above all be honest. Don’t attempt to match their propaganda by turning yourself into a right-wing Brownshirt. People come to their senses of their own accord. Pass around the Project Veritas link and let it speak for itself.

Don’t pretend The Donald is perfect.

Instead, concede that point and then explain to them that the choice is stark.

For the next four years you will get either:

The raw, flawed, blue-collar billionaire outsider who will battle corruption.


The multi-millionaire, pant-suited Grima Wormtongue of the ruling class who hides her corruption with spin and a crocodile smile.

It then becomes an  easy choice.






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