The Overton Window and Donald Trump

The Overton Window original

The Overton Window, in case you’re unaware of the expression, is essentially the range of publicly acceptable political discourse.

The open window is the area of the political spectrum where a leader can safely stake a policy position without being regarded as out of step with the voters. But it is the drift in societal mores that dictates whether that politician is considered mainstream or a radical.


Well, the political left have slid that sucker at will for generations and mastered the art of cultural propaganda. 

Here is a crude example I threw together that demonstrates the shift in sentiment of abortion over roughly the last 50 years to show how effective left-wing tactics have been in tectonically shifting the thought process of the average American.

The Overton Window on Abortion Pre Roe

The Overton Window Abortion Today
See how it shifted to the left?

Second and third trimester abortions were unthinkable in the years before Roe Vs. Wade. Today, it is barely considered radical for Planned Parenthood to sell baby parts for profit. Which means the slippery slope is changing perceptions with each passing generation.

You can substitute out abortion for gay rights, feminism, the acceptance of pornography, or any host of “progressive” causes if you wish and the result is the same: the Overton Window has constantly shifted left.

The liberals have done so with patience, cunning, planning. It has taken centuries in some cases, but they have succeeded in their endeavor to usurp Natural Law.

The keepers of Western Civilization, in obeisance to the sweet, idealistic words of the original Cultural Marxists, loosened their grip and made small concessions at first. But an inch given, a mile taken. The pace of change accelerated and the left’s tactics changed from the soothing words of the freedom fighter for the oppressed to the naked intimidation of their opponents.

This slow grind has caused Modern Man to define deviancy down as a consequence. The once unthinkable is now reality.

Leftists have guarded the window while everyone else was busy toiling or just plain oblivious. They stood at the casement, letting in the fresh breeze of acceptable political speech and personal behavior to their allies behind the portside pane.

Those on the right, meanwhile, have been gasping in fetid air, completely unable to make long-term political gains. Even worse, until recently, they couldn’t even speak their minds in polite society.

The Effect of Donald Trump on the Overton Window

But then Donald Trump came along. He skillfully chucked rocks at the Overton Window operator often enough during the campaign that he managed to sneak a hand in while the enemy was ducking.

Now HE controls it with his Twitter account and man-oh-man, is it ever a joy to behold. As someone who believes in manners to the point of fetish, I never thought I would be leading the hosanna chorus with each verbal hand grenade Trump lobs at the hypocrites in the media and body politic, but here I am all the same.

Crooked Hillary.

Megyn “bleeding out her wherever” Kelly.

Low-energy Jeb!

Lyin’ Ted.

Only Rosie O’Donnell

Now, Trump has added Psycho Joe Scarborough and Low IQ-Bloody-Facelift Mika Brzezinski to his war pole of politically correct scalps.

The giddy, juvenile rantings of an 11 year old? Perhaps. But it is more than that. It’s tactical. And here’s why:

Political correctness is the pernicious anemia slowly draining this nation of its vitality.

President Trump knows this. He has seen its effects firsthand on government and on business. Whether his voters will ever admit it or not, it is the number one reason he was elected to our highest office. All my fellow Deplorables have differing opinions on most everything, but we are united in our disgust of grown-ups needing safe spaces – the adult romper rooms of the leftist fringe – and having to self-censor our deepest held beliefs.

These core beliefs were once the mainstream views of a thriving, moral nation. But today if we dare to say, for example, that the nuclear family is good for society, you never know when some 24-year old HR harridan will flip out at your evil patriarchal beliefs and get you fired.

Just this vague sense of unease in America, that objective values are inverting, is what got Trump his 304 electoral votes. It was not a vote of the intellect, but of thumos, for the rank-and-file. It’s why we cheer like the men of ancient Rome at each of our orange gladiator’s emotional triggerings of the Deep State’s minions and useful idiots. He is our champion who wins with childish taunts; the one man who can say what he wants, yet somehow grows stronger with each blow that he absorbs.

The snowflakes respond to his mockery of them with orgies of hatred on social media. They practically orgasm with each other over violent imagery of a beaten, beheaded, or burned Trump.

Messalina never got off this much.

Why, you may ask, does the patient, tolerant, loving left so despise a man who has only been in office for 5 months?

Because Trump emboldens us.

Because they are the bully with the glass jaw and he showed us how to punch.

Because he taught us the best defense of our way of life is a good offense.

Because he helps those that the left despises – the old, Middle American duffers in straw hats plopped in plastic adirondacks who drink lemonade in front of the mom-and-pop hardware store. The ones who only wish to be left alone – move the Overton Window back towards common sense.

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