The First Traces of a Coming Counter-Revolution Against Leftist Globalism

While it seems the world is falling apart before our very eyes, there are nascent trends that give hope that sanity may eventually be restored.

I’m speaking of the rise of alternative viewpoints in the public sphere that even a year ago would have been self-censored. Politicians of the Republican Establishment, like the Weeping Cheetoh, John Boehner, sought compromise instead of a robust defense of their grassroots supporter’s values mostly for fear of tut-tuts and lashings from the media. This timidity of the mushy middle and “respectable” right in past election cycles the world over allowed the left to entirely fill the vacuum.

It is because the man who believes in something, no matter how crazed, will always win favor with the public over the man who believes in nothing. People still respond to courage. The left, as self-loathing and dedicated to cultural suicide as they are, have not lacked for cajones when in sight of a microphone or tv camera.

The counterpoise to their recent political triumphs is their excesses and incompetence in governing is on full display. Disenchantment with leftist politics is growing, easily detectable via “is the country on the right track?” types of polls. Moderates are ready to join with the right and global populaces are ready to drop incumbents. [Martin Armstrong, one of the canniest men on the planet, has written extensively of this in his cycle theories of politics and economics.]

So now a different vacuum is ready for filling: that of leadership in parties out of power. Voters on the populist right, betrayed by establishment Quislings in America and Europe, will be demanding blood oaths from candidates this time. Conservative contenders who sense liberal vulnerability already have that knife delved halfway into their palms.

Voters are aching for someone to tell the Social Justice Warrior children that the adults are back in the room and it’s back to tossing rainbow-colored balls in a hopefully sound-proof playpen. 

You can see this with the rise of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson stateside. But nowhere do you see this burgeoning, unrepentant shift in tides against leftist globalism as clearly as in Europe;  Marine LePen of The National Front in France gains in polls by the month, likely to be doubly so after the Paris massacre. The Golden Dawn in Greece increased its presence after Alexis Tsipras cock-teased his voters with the debt/Grexit referendum this summer.

Viktor Orban has told oligarch George Soros what he could do with his meddling. Vladimir Putin has been giving President Obama a double middle-finger salute via his actions in Ukraine and Syria. Nigel Farage is becoming a near cult figure for his trashing of the EU and speaking truth to power. You can’t shut these guys up now. Perhaps, the media propagandists and campus commissars hushing of free speech is finally backfiring.

Though our economic, cultural and immigration cancers are still probably malignant, it’s encouraging to see at least some stand ready to administer the necessary chemotherapy if given a chance. Ending political correctness is the key to both winning back our freedoms in the West and keeping radical Muslims at a comfortable distance. This is a newly kindled flame. We must see to it that it’s given constant oxygen or Western Civilization will continue to slowly fade into numbness and an eternal sleep.



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