The FBI Knows That Donald Trump Is Going To Win

Well, well. Quite the bombshell today with today’s news of the FBI reopening the Hillary Clinton e-mail case. Let us take a look at the ramifications and motives behind this new intrigue. Countless theories are going to come up in the next few days. But I believe the salient point is that the FBI knows that Donald Trump is going to win the election. This is, of course, pure conjecture on my part, so take it for what it is.

Everyone with half a brain knew that there was already ample evidence for FBI Director James Comey to recommend charges in July. He punted. Probably the best explanations for that initial decision is that either Comey was corrupted due to his ties to Hillary Clinton and/or he knew there was absolutely no chance that the apparatchiks of the Obama Administration would follow through. The tarmac meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton obviously informed this theory. And considering how viciously President Obama and his retinue have attacked Donald Trump, one would have to be blind not to see that the leftists consider this election as a direct challenge to their power. Even if Comey recommended, special ice skates designed to fit the cloven hooves in hell would be more likely than this Department of Justice ever pursuing charges on Clinton. Simply stated, it was a bad risk for Comey; the FBI chief would only risk antagonizing his bosses for what would prove to be a futile attempt at justice.

So what has changed?  The evidence? Perhaps a bit more has been uncovered, maybe even something shocking. But as I said before, there was already plenty to send HRC into the pokey in July.

There has certainly been a strong backlash applied to Comey’s hide by Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. For those who haven’t seen it, Chaffetz has humiliated Comey and his investigators during testimony before Congress. But is embarrassment enough to override the fear of the Obama and Clinton machines? I doubt it’s the reason for today’s news.

Is it an internal coup by agents furious with Comey’s cowardly decision in July? There might be something to this theory. There are numerous reports of FBI agents, both active and retired, on the record and off, being horrified at the challenge to the FBI’s integrity. There is an old guard in the Bureau that predates the Obama Administration that take their jobs  and oath of loyalty to the country VERY seriously. They could have placed internal pressure on Comey to reopen. Mass resignations would cripple any and all current investigations. Or perhaps a contingent of rebellious agents has a smoking gun on the Director and threatened to turn it over to the press (unlikely since the Bureau knows how corrupt is the MSM) or to Chaffetz.

So if we accept that pressure is what forced Comey’s hand instead of pursuing justice, then the next and probably more important question we have to ponder is why was this dropped today, ten days before the election?

With the possible exception of the spying agencies, there are no more brilliant analytical minds (not even on Wall Street) than those of the agents in the FBI. They also have infinitely more access to pertinent data than anyone else. They surely know how to make more accurate election models than professional pollsters and media hacks. Polls have tightened significantly in the past few days. A Brexit effect IS in play. They know of the rise of nationalist movements all over the globe the same as I do. It is no stretch of the imagination to believe that Donald Trump not only can win the Presidency, but that he might even be favored to win when you factor in this Orange Swan event.

What then does Comey and the FBI at large have to gain by releasing this October Surprise which will aid Trump? It gives the Director a chance to get out from under. With Trump so critical of Comey, would it be such a shock if after gaining the White House the new President would clean house at the Bureau for acting as his enemy’s flunky? Or bring charges against Comey himself? Now that they are finally doing the right thing, Trump will be more apt to take mercy on them.

The timing would also ensure that the investigation would not be finished by January 20th. This means that Barack Obama will be out of office and cannot issue an Executive Pardon for his ideological friends.

It also mollifies the angry agents who might take further mutinous steps against the FBI leadership.

This seems the only reasonable explanation. If they believed a Clinton regime was imminent, would any of them have the brass balls needed to risk their careers and worse reprisals from the vengeful Machiavellian Queen by detonating a political nuke? Not on your life. And most definitely not on THEIR lives.

The FBI knows that Donald Trump is going to win.





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