The Deep State Vs True Men of the West

Complex issues have a way of clouding the thinking of those of us seeking solutions to the problems of modernity. But solve we must, for we are the final remnant of the Men of the West.  And those we are fighting are the clever, amoral globalists of the Deep State who are turning Christian Civilization into a fiefdom of broken Last Men.

To solve these intricate problems, we must pass through a maze filled with obstacles innumerable -global economies as entangled as the densest, thorniest brambles, foreign relations obscured by lies, a cultural Slough of Despond so thick it surpasses even Bunyan’s imaginings – because we believe complexity can only be undone by complexity.

It is a purposefully daunting path, one we tell ourselves is worth the endeavor. If our blood glistens on the enemy’s thorns, so be it.

For on the other side of that maze stands our former Castle of Traditional Virtue, lost to us through our lack of vigilance. The Deep State wizards inveigled the owners with money and pleasure into freely granting the deed and then evicted us all when we found the wages of sin could not cover dishonest debts.

Once in possession, the wizards hacked away the remnants of wisdom and morality from the load-bearing beams, and replaced them with the dry rot of unmoored scientism and Godless nihilism. That the castle will by needs collapse on their heads is of little solace, since we are now vassals to our corrupt masters, toiling in blighted fields and dependent on them for our livelihoods.

And they never want us to set foot in our old home again.

They want to demoralize us, to disconnect us so far from the justness of our old ways, that we lose hope of ever regaining our birthright. If these aims are accomplished, even the memory of past glories will fade and we will wither in these inhospitable hinterlands, living lives devoid of meaning.

So they planted these coiled, barbed tangles in ways such that only their approved fellows, those technocrats and IYIs, can navigate them. These are the social engineers who pull the levers of culture, the intel agencies fostering discord, and the financial mavens and politicians who use interest rates and corrupted law to create winners and losers in society.

But in attempting to undo their intricate blockade are we not fighting a battle with rules of engagement dictated by our opponents?

the deep state gordian knot
Alexander thinks outside the box, as we must.

Instead of pulling at ends to unwork the brambles, perhaps we should consider how Alexander dealt with the Gordian Knot.

Maybe complexity is only defeated with brilliant simplicity.

Maybe the only way to beat the Deep State at Three-Card Monte is to forsake playing its rigged parlor games. One can never out-con a con. Knowing they always seek to deflect, deceive, and dodge is the only tell we need.

So if we just climb the nearest tall tree and gain perspective enough, we will see the maze of obstacles was merely an artful illusion. There really are other routes back to the castle.

But for now we muster the troops and follow General Trump through the thickets. His plow-straight-ahead efforts to cut down the obstacles in our path has been valiant so far. He deserves our loyalty in pursuing this tactic.

But we are behooved to devise a Plan B in case the headlong attack proves too big a task for any one man.

So we mull the Alexandrian alternatives:

One choice that is advocated by some on the Alt-Right is to cede the old castle forevermore to the Deep State and build a new one on different soil. Unfortunately, these would-be architects are pagans at heart and therefore have neither the proper tools nor the requisite experience to build it correctly. Without the carefully-calculated, foundational principles of our objectivist Christian forefathers, the new structure would sink into subjectivist quicksand.

What myself and other paleoconservatives suggest is carving a new path to the old, happy homestead; a road that, while straightforward, is not easy. But the march will bring a renewed vigor to men with slackened muscles and needs no active engagement with the enemy until we are fit for the battle. In one to two generations the Deep State won’t stand a chance.

The siege engines we will use to retake Virtue is simply ourselves, wizened and improved.

All it takes is better men.

Men who laugh at the lies of egalitarianism by towering unapologetically above feminism’s bastardized creation: the nu-male.

Men who will shape themselves into exemplars of classical Western Civilization.

Men who reject the trappings of materialism and modernity.

Christian men who attend services to pay respects to our Creator and Savior.

Strong fathers who never neglect their duties; who provide not only the stuffs of physical survival, but make decisions to guard their children from the toxic culture of the social engineers. Men who safeguard the innocence of their young and mold them with gentleness and wisdom into fine adults.

Husbands who pledge fidelity to their wives and demand the same.

Men who read daily the classics of Western literature and teach it to their children.

Men who develop small businesses and employ other men of good will.

Wealthy men who become sponsors of the arts because they know the importance of culture; who know a nation is defined by those who they place on pedestals as heroes for its impressionable youth.

Men in full. In mind, body, and soul.

Only when the forgotten virtues blaze once again in our minds can we retake the institutions of our kingdom. The corrupt, bureaucratic men-at-arms of the Deep State will yield with barely a struggle against the reawakened, true heirs of the Men of the West.

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