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zero hedge

I was recently accepted as a contributor to Zero Hedge. You can read my first ZH submission entitled, “The Golden Age of Nothingness”, here.

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  1. I posted @ ZH, but will do so again. Thank you for your piece. Timely and succinct.
    Watching the decay and rot of civility in the US has been a very sad realization, over the course of my 57 years. I still use Sir and Ma’am, as I refuse to stoop to the level of idiots and base little people! I endeavor to live by example, being courteous, respectful and helpful where and when I can, holding doors, etc.
    Truly sad to see the level of “civilization” in this “modern” age. Seems the progressives have been hugely successful in dumbing down and distracting the masses. Though difficult to know whom to blame… academia, Gov, NGO’s or just plain lazy people?

    Again, thank you for your insights and opinions. I have bookmarked your site and check in often.
    Cordially, Lucretius

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