A Personal Note To My Readers

Hello my dear readers,

This is a quick note to let you all know that I’ll be dedicating significantly more time to Dystopia, USA starting Monday, 9/25. You might say that I am turning pro. Writing full-time for my own project has always been something I’ve wanted to do and thanks to you all, I’ve received the encouragement and necessary growth in traffic to make it feasible.

Not much will really change around here, except you’ll be seeing a whole lot more of my poor scribblings. I also hope to bump up my Zero Hedge contributions.

One of the reasons I want to go full-time is to increase the frequency of my longer-form articles and essays. I’ve been posting mostly curated content (with my own thoughts inserted) lately due to my time constraints. I’ll still be curating…there are too many important news articles on the web that deserve to be shared…but writing my own articles is much more satisfying and I believe delivers more value to you all. And for me to do that, I need to spend the necessary time. An hour a day only goes so far.

With growth will come inevitable challenges. I readily admit I am computer-challenged. In non-PC language that means I’m basically an idiot with SEO, web design, and technical matters. What takes a professional IT guy two minutes will often take me two hours. I love ideas and writing, not social media nor the ancillary tasks associated with running a website. As such, I’m hoping to add an IT consultant eventually and – when readership reaches a certain level – moving to dedicated hosting.

Which brings up the subject of monetizing the site. I’m not looking to turn Dystopia, USA into a massive cash cow. But in order to write full-time, I’ll need at least a meager income. Don’t worry, you won’t see obtrusive, pop-up video ads or old Lord Feverstone pimping Super Male Vitality pills (no offense Alex). But I’ll probably link to a Patreon page in the future as well as seek out limited advertising from responsible businesses. For any affiliate links, I will limit it to necessary products that I can endorse in good conscience, such as important books, classical literature, and prepping products.

So, with all that said, I’ll be taking my last bit of mental rest until then; a pause before the big commitment. I’ll be pondering new article ideas, relieving some stress and “letting the badger loose” one final time. I look at the next three days as I would a bachelor party, because, starting Monday, I’ll be married to this website in sickness and in health and for richer or poorer.

But it’s an adventure I’m looking forward to sharing with you folks. There is so much upheaval in the world that it’s important for us to connect (and not just online) with friends of good faith and cheer. If ever a segment of society needed a safe space, it is traditionalists and those of us rebelling against our one-world overlords. I consider this blog as my refuge. I hope you will too.

Best regards, my friends, and I’ll see you on Monday.

Lord Feverstone

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  1. This is great news! Push, push, push!
    Have a great day!

    And now a message:

    Everyone needs to read this god-tier redpill on islam, this explains all the reasons why either us or future generations in Western countries will end up in a bloody war with them sooner or latter, like the Myanmar Buddhists who have been under muslim aggression (because muslims always turn agressive once they have the numbers on their side, every single time thru-out history) for the past 40 years:

    We need someone with good webdesign and graphic skills to package that info to be easily spread to all people, not only 4chummers and other internet types (aka: normal people).

    The peaceful solution would be to ban islam in the West and stop all Western invasion of muslim countries. But our rotten globalist politicians are never going to allow that, so war seems unavoidable.

    We will win and prevail, like our Buddhist brothers are winning in Myanmar after 40 years of muslim aggression.

    Start prepping now and get ready to fight.

  2. Congratulations, Sir Feverstone! Charge up those batteries and get thee writing. I came here for your essays. Your first one on ZH was truly bravura. Quality over quantity.

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