Nuremberg Trials of Corruption Likely Coming In 2017

Where to start today? There’s simply been too much news in the past few days to keep up. When in doubt, though, the best course is to look at the bigger picture. If even 10% of what is rumored to be on the Weiner laptop turns out to be true, we are in for the most earth-rattling weeks and months in the U.S. since at least 9/11. But the scope and implications of the FBI soft coup are likely more significant to the future of America and indeed the whole world than even that horrific event. In the next few posts, I’ll be looking at the aftermath of these political nukes being detonated.

For background, please watch this video first. From all we know so far, and how events are unfolding, there seems little reason to doubt the veracity of Steve Pieczenik’s jaw-dropping video.

I know many of you distrust anything coming out of the mouth of anyone in the intelligence community. But consider how well what he says dovetails with what the 4chan FBI Anon revealed in July and the reports and leaks from those in the  NYPD and FBI who are investigating the Weiner laptop. Only verifiable nation-endangering corruption could cause such breaches of protocol from so many different agents in so many different agencies. They are risking not only their careers, but possibly their lives in so doing.

The Political Nuremberg is Likely Coming in 2017

I’ll start with the hypothesis that Donald Trump not only wins election next Tuesday, but is likely to win in something akin to a landslide. Even MSM face-value raw polling and electoral projections are showing a slight Trump edge. But factoring in turnout, enthusiasm, Brexit effects, and the likelihood of more devastating bombshells to the Clinton campaign, Trump’s lead (in the non-matrix real world) is probably quite significant and getting bigger by the day.

So what happens after the election? For this article, I’ll limit myself to how Trump probably will and definitely should deal with the corruption endemic to the Clinton Machine.

This American political tree of ours has been so infected by racketeering, from root-to-branch, that Trump’s overwhelming mandate from the voters that elect him will be to chop off all that is rotten. Everything else takes a back seat.

Political advisers always parrot the mantra that a candidate should “focus on three pithy policy agendas.”

Well, in Trumps case it is three pithy and resonant phrases that are not centered on wonkish policy, but are rather a blood contract with his supporters. And they are the sole reason for his coming election:

  1. Lock Her Up.
  2. Drain the Swamp.
  3. Make America Great Again.

He will fulfill by making and his initial focus.

By the time all the details emerge, the citizenry will be so abjectly sickened that their growing fervor for integrity will demand wholesale purges of incumbents. Term limits and campaign finance reform are nearly assured in the next few years.

But the big news that will antedate those reforms will be the bringing of these political criminals to book. 2017 is going to be the start of our modern-day version of the Nuremberg Trials, dedicated to scouring the halls of power.

It is completely necessary, not only for the sake of justice, but to make certain that corruption is not allowed to take root again. 

The Deep State is likely already cutting its losses with Hillary Clinton. Many of our friends in the freedom movement believe a counter-offensive by the powers that be is imminent; a sort of American equivalent of the Night of the Long Knives or possibly martial law.

I do not agree. While isolated scuffles are certain to occur at the voting booths, we live in the age of constant surveillance and spin. Overt violence would make martyrs of anyone harmed or killed. Besides, quite simply, the bad guys are outnumbered now by an awakening population of we, the peasants. The military and police, hardly sympathetic to the treasonous causes of the leftist brownshirts, are almost certain to disobey any orders to do harm to their fellow Americans.

Though the Clinton Machine is indeed in desperate straits, the oligarchs – who sit atop even the Clintons in the hierarchy of power – I believe are already shifting tactics. They thrive on secrecy and subtlety. Most likely, they are already exploring ideas of how to infiltrate the next administration. If they cannot do so, and I pray to God that the Trump people are aware of that posed threat, the Deep State will move next to financial sabotage. The chances of an interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve in December is 100% if Trump wins and 0% if HRC somehow pulls off the impossible. But that is the subject of a whole separate article.

In short,  the future would-be influence peddlers must be in fear of ever playing their disgusting game again.

These proposed modern Nuremberg Trials would be the best, most peaceable way to both mete justice and instill deterrence. Graft and treason are the moral hazards of our times. If these cancers are not deeply cut out of the body politic, they will reappear and get even worse over time.

The trials would affirm the American ideal of a right to a fair trial, paramount to our survival as a nation. Any trial would have to be headed by and judged by completely impartial people outside of government. If we turn into a blood-thirsty mob, we are no better than those who are already turning the U.S.A. into a banana republic. If we make few examples of the bad guys, we risk the same – as we’ve learned by Obama and Bush letting the financial swindlers of 2005-2008 off the hook with only Bernie Madoff paying for the sins of thousands of  his fellow grifters. Without punishment, we should expect more of the same.

The media enablers of corruption likewise will need to be pressured to resign and hopefully be replaced with unbiased, truth-telling Ombudsmen. Asserting the primacy of integrity (over even competence) in all aspects of society – in finance, governance, media and culture – will define the upcoming years and allow for the survival of a good and just civilization. We are a confused and lost people otherwise.

That’s all for now, folks. More posts on the aftermath to follow soon.



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