No Room At The Inn For Jesus And Mary In Cali Catholic School

no room at the inn at san domenico catholic school

First, materialism took Christ out of Christmas.

Now, in San Anselmo, CA, extreme multiculturalism is taking the Virgin and the Christ Child out of the manger and into storage.

The Board of Directors at San Domenico School, the oldest Catholic school in California, has essentially said there’s no room at the inn for the Son of God.

Can you imagine this happening under John Paul II, Benedict, or, dare I say it, Urban II?

Only under liberation theology could this occur.



Stockholm Syndrome.

These are the end results when a people doubts its own heritage and traditions.

Have we, in the West, any will to survive?


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  1. It’s a horrible sickness that white mankind better shake off pretty damned soon or we’re doomed.

    And if it gets delayed by much longer the time for political solutions will be gone and violence will have to ensue – unless we just go quietly into the night, and even that won’t be peaceful. We’ll just be the recipients of the bulk of the violence in that case.

    • Hopefully it won’t come to that. I think there is still a chance this can be defused. The vast majority of the public are followers at heart and are easily propagandized. If the head of the subversive snake gets cut off via exposing the NWO, Soros, Clinton, et. al., their blind devotees will be disheartened, bewildered, and can be slapped back into reality.

      But that sickness of the soul will persist if we don’t get back to God and Natural Law at the same time.

      Duke of Norfolk, great name btw. A fan of “A Man for All Seasons”?

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