The NFL Is Not Going To Win This Fight

the nfl is dead goodell owners signed death warrant sjws over vets

My next long column will be concerning the NFL’s disastrous decision to “take the knee” by siding with the pampered, moronic players over their fans.

Not only have Roger Goodell and the team owners signed the league’s own death warrant, but as events unfold you will see that this will be a massive battle in the culture wars. This will be Gamergate on a much larger scale. [the column will focus on the possible Butterfly Effect at play.]

In the meantime, to get a sense of the way this can explode, watch this video of a Desert Storm veteran burning his Pittsburg Steelers mementos.


These alienated veterans will NEVER come back to the game. And the NFL can’t replace them with SJWs; there aren’t enough of them. The NFL will slowly hemorrhage from here.

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  1. My jaw dropped watching Alexandro Villanueva saying “I made my team look bad.” What kind of twisted thinking is that? His team made themselves look bad, while he, at least briefly, made himself look good. Now they can all go home and enjoy their future poverty.

    • I think in Villanueva’s case, it is a simple case of peer pressure. He has to work with his Pittsburg Kneelers teammates who are showing a united front and they’re probably making his life hell behind the scenes. Either that or the owners were threatening to freeze him out since he’s not a star player.

      It takes guts to stand alone and withstand all the hassle. (One of the reasons that I’ll admit that CK at least had guts). I think he just crumbled under the weight of it all. Now he looks bad to all involved. Half measures don’t work in America anymore.

      Yeah, when the league starts taking hits to their revenue the players will understand that virtue signaling actually has a real cost: fewer endorsements and smaller contracts. They’ll either cave and apologize or be trodden underfoot.

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