New Poll: NFL Losing Popularity Quickly

virtue signaling nfl is losing the war to trump

Never underestimate the power of the bully pulpit.

It appears as though President Trump’s excoriation of the NFL has bitten off a big chunk of the League’s popularity amongst the public.

A new poll by Morning Consult shows that Trump knew what he was doing.

The panic in NFL headquarters must be ripe about now.

The unified front we’ve seen from the players and owners last week in reaction to Trump’s statements will now begin to cease. Corporate types will always fold under pressure when the paying masses move against them. But it is probably too late. The NFL chose…poorly.

The thing about public virtue signaling is that most of those engaging in it only do so if they believe it is popular. That is what separates true integrity from showy displays for the cameras. To the rank-and-file, fear of being ostracized is usually the motivating factor.

But corporate interests are the worst because to them it’s a calculated strategy. They preen about the trendy issue of the day but it is merely pure manipulation. They wouldn’t engage focus groups to ask you how your perception of the company changes by glomming on to a particular social cause if they truly cared one iota. They hope you say, “Aww, JP Morgan really loves the environment! I want to trust them with my money, now!”. But the only green they care about are Federal Reserve Notes.

The commercialization of virtue is one of the worst things about the world today. Just another fake veneer to hide the endemic cultural and personal rot. 

There was a great scene in Lawrence of Arabia where Auda Abu-Thayi smashes the camera of a journalist who took his picture. The perplexed journalist looks at Lawrence for an explanation. The reply is as apropos to 2017 as it was to 1917.

“Auda’s a bit old-fashioned. He thinks these things (the camera) will steal his virtue. He thinks you’re a kind of thief.”

Great art is often prophetic.

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  1. Senior Feverstone, spot on again!
    I’ve never been a sports fan, never had a favorite team, etc. It all seems rather fagoty to me, just not my bag. Wifey loves her some sportsball, the Pittsburg squealers specifically. I can sit and view a game and enjoy the competitive aspect, but I really could care less and would rather be doing something productive.
    These collective man children have totally shot themselves in the foot! They are paid millions to PLAY a child’s game, and seem to feel that gives them a platform to preach their agenda, I think not! They ought to be on their knees thanking God that they are so fortunate, but that is just my opinion.
    I do not see commercialization of virtue per se, rather commercialization of anything that can be commercialized and marketed. I have never purchased anything because of a commercial. Think about that… what does that say to the entire advertising industry? They are less than useless, only adding to the final cost of any product, and advertising is a how many BILLION dollar industry?
    If one were to peel away the fake veneer, you would find just an ordinary product, most likely made in china, with some schmuck’s logo pasted on it. Sad, that so many fall for it, and how few ever peel the veneer.
    Peace, Lucretius.

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