The Never Trump Establishment Is Finished In Middle America

middle america wants populism ward flake arizona

If one stays above the fray and avoids watching politics as if it were a tennis match, the bigger trends become more apparent.

To listen to the nattering nabobs tell it, you would think President Trump is already a lame duck. They continue to trot out poll after poll with skewed demographic samples, for the sole purpose of engineering the result the political and media ruling classes desire: to make any threat to the powers that be appear unpopular.

They will never attempt to give you anything resembling proper context.

So, we must do it ourselves.

Will any establishment media mouthpiece – those pundits who all failed to predict a Trump victory – tell you that while the POTUS is sitting at a paltry 35% approval rating, that Congress is at 16%?

Or that the media itself is at 27%?

They won’t mention that Trump has “shy voters” because they fear the menace of political correctness (hello, doxxing) and their overall disdain for pollsters.

Here’s another nascent trend that won’t get reported:

Outside of large metropolitan areas, incumbent Democrats and establishment Republicans are in big trouble when they come up for reelection.

There’s a reason Governor Jim Justice switched to the GOP; having a “D” next to your name in Middle America is the new scarlet letter. 

Almost as bad is being known as a Never Trumper.

Here is the news of the day:

Kelli Ward would trounce Jeff Flake by 26 points in Arizona if an election were held today.

It appears the voters in “flyover country”, so mocked by the elites, want reform.

And they want it now. If they are not placated, the obstructionists and defenders of this villainous status quo will be trodden underfoot in 2018.

Our populist leader is far safer than those who are enthralled by the immediacy of social media would have you believe.


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