Neocon Policies Helped Create Middle Eastern Turmoil

I normally would not subject you to anything on the sump that is the pages of But this detailed article has a fair amount of historical basis and is thought-provoking until the writer falls into the usual liberal, self-hatred trap.

The gist of his piece is that we created the ISIS and al-Qaida monsters through myopic and interventionist foreign policy, constantly pitting one enemy faction against the other  with horrifying results. In that, he is absolutely correct.

Nothing happens without a reason. By keeping our troops on what they hold to be their holy land, the NATO forces riled an ages-old, yet somewhat dormant beehive after the Gulf War. Osama Bin-Laden cited this as a major instigator for the 9/11 attacks.

It’s important to be intellectually honest in our political discourses. Assigning blame is complex here; those who would scoff at determining the root causes of our present situation in their simplistic, partisan sloganeering are enablers of a Groundhog’s Day of failed policy.

The right, as well as the left, have played their part in this emerging disaster. Neoconservative meddling in the Middle East helped place a target on the West by making needless enemies when vital national interests were not truly at stake. Meanwhile, the liberal fifth column has done its damnedest to put us on the road to extinction with its fetish for inviting onto our shores a people who are incompatible with our values.

Only the paleocon viewpoint (defending our civilization to the death if necessary while isolating Islam to the lands it belongs) is based on a reasonable balancing of interests. 

The next policy step should be clearer: a complete halt to all Muslim immigration to the Western world and rooting out the bad players already here. Otherwise, we may just see the Ninth Crusade in our lifetimes.

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