Millennials Increasingly Opting for Rural Life

I’ll be starting a homesteading tab in the menu section today. When I have the time to write essays again (The Storm is taking up most of my time lately), one of the topics I’ll touch upon is how man has been lured from a contemplative life because of all the noise, stresses, and false choices of modern life. Contentedness is best obtained through a slower-paced life, self-sufficiency, and a mix of intellectual and physical endeavors; virtues that can be found through agrarian life.

In the meantime, I’ll curate some articles on the topic.

From Return of Kings:

After decades of rural exodus, the land is becoming popular again. The trend is rather discrete and seldom heard of inside the mainstream world, but it has been gaining traction for years. More and more Westerners have left the cities for the more open land, especially the young.

How could urbanites, raised with the idea that cities were cooler and more progressive, not to mention the comfort of having everything close from home, choose to switch to a hillbilly-associated lifestyle? The official narrative answers that, thanks to “progress,” city-dwellers became conscious about the environment and longed for closeness with nature, organic eating, and a healthy lifestyle, which motivated them to have it all in the countryside.

This may account for some bourgeois bohemians’ motivations but is far from the whole truth. Actually, most millennials leaving the metropolis for the country are adapting to harsh realities. Big cities have become unlivable. They are incredibly expensive and riddled with openly encouraged criminality.

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