Martin Armstrong: Serious Risk of Famine From 2020 Onwards

martin armstrong's model points to famine in 2020 onwards

Martin Armstrong’s cycle theories and models have proven uncanny over the years. One of his models predicted a cultural turning point in October of 2015 (the flood of migrants from Syria to Europe). Another, published well before Trump declared his intention to run, predicted the rise of an outsider candidate in 2016.

His knowledge of financial markets and the history of commodities are almost without peer. So when he speaks on these subjects, I listen.

Here’s one of his latest blog posts entitled The Approaching Famine:

The most serious forecast that we see from our computer models has been a rise in agricultural prices caused by Global Cooling – not Global Warming. Crops cannot grow without the sun and water. Historically, when the weather turns cold, the crops fail.

Our database on wheat from 1259 forward (excluding our data on the Roman Empire grain prices), reveals that there is a serious risk of famine from 2020 onward. It appears that we may very well enter a 12-year rally into the year 2032. Our Bifurcation Models are reflecting also a gap in time between 2020 and 2031 suggesting a trend appears to last for that period of time.

The downside of taxation, and particularly inheritance taxes, has driven farmers to sell their land to conglomerates just to pay the inheritance taxes. This has resulted in genetically altering crops to increase yield. While genetically altered crops do not really appear to present a major health concern as many seem to argue, the real danger is the fact that during the past 100 years, 94% of the world’s edible seed varieties have vanished.

The downside of socialism which has attacked the rich, we have sacrificed the historical model in our food supply for corporate decision making that bribes politicians handing them their needed money to remain in office with each election. The consequence of this corruption has been the concentration of our food supply into an ever-shrinking basket of diversity. Today, 75% of the world’s food comes from only 12 plants and 5 animal species (see source). This lack of biodiversity has seriously increased this risk of widespread crop disease, and throw in the climate change turning colder, corporate decisions are not the way to protect society. Corporate boards are typically dominated by lawyers and accountants. They are not scientists nor do they even make proper decisions for investment or currency hedging. Corporations will never be able to cope with a sudden change and then make decisions that will impact the world. Major companies, such as Monsanto, could find themselves in control of the fate of human existence with the decisions being made by lawyers and accountants fixated on their bottom-line.

We have the technology today to grow food inside without even soil. This is something one should consider to put in your basement as 2020 approaches on the horizon.

As important as they are, it’s not enough to own physical gold, cash, securities, Bitcoin, etc.

Financial instruments can see your wealth through to the other side.

But you can’t eat money.

I’ve long held that in times of turmoil, the best way to protect yourself and your family is diversification, part of which is ensuring your basic food supply if such a crisis as the one Armstrong describes comes to pass.

You don’t have to own farm land – although that is ultimately your best bet – but I fervently believe everyone should have at least a small victory garden. Innovations in gardening have also made it possible for apartment dwellers and those living in cramped cities to turn a small space into a personal emergency food supply. [Disclosure: I am an affiliate of The Garden Tower Project. Commissions received from purchases made through this link go towards keeping Dystopia, USA afloat.]

First aid abilities, gardening skills, having a good standing in your community, being physically fit, and having a good dose of faith will help you if the worst occurs.

Life is all about balance and incremental gains. So it is with prepping. Start small and add steadily.




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