“Let Them Eat Rape” by Jim Goad

Jim Goad at Taki Mag has perhaps the sharpest tongue of any writer on the right. Here he aims it at the mental disorders and Stockholm Syndrome of entertainers, the Islamization of the UK, and the dangers of political correctness.

Mentioned in the article is what I believe to be the quintessential story of what plagues Western Civilization: the Rotherham Scandal.

We’re perched at a precarious point in history where it seems impossible to become a celebrity anywhere in the West if you don’t make a grand public display of denouncing all things Western.

Case in point: British pop singer Lily Allen, a multiplatinum artist who at age 32 has an estimated net worth of $20 million via sales of songs such as the pro-gay anthem “Fuck You.” In 2016 she made headlines after visiting a migrant camp in Calais and apologizing to the refugees on behalf of her country, even though, if you were to peek at a map, you would realize that Calais is in France and her country is England.

You can bet your sweet bippy that if Allen sang anti-gay anthems and expressed the merest concern over England’s Islamification, she’d be waiting tables somewhere in a kebab shop rather than living in mansions, walking on red carpets, and drinking champagne out of slippers.

Last week in the midst of a Twitter argument about Muslim rape gangs in England—specifically the charge made in 2015 by Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion that grooming gangs may have abused up to a million British children—an anonymous tweeter who calls himself Tolerant Man asked Allen whether this would have happened if England didn’t have such an open-door policy toward Muslim immigrants:

“I want a fucking answer, @lilyallen, would those children have been raped if we hadn’t let those people come here? Sarah Champion estimates 1 million British children have been raped by these barbarians.”

Allen’s response was to invoke the nirvana fallacy and speculate that if there weren’t Muslim immigrants to pick up the slack, evil indigenous white British males would have done the raping anyway:

“Actually, there’s a strong possibility they would have been raped or abused by somebody else at some point. That’s kind of the issue.”

She even doubled down and insisted that all of the truly nasty raping in Britain was being done by white males:


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