Trump’s Sting Against Deep State Almost Complete

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It’s time for a pep talk.

I know that morale amongst my fellow Deplorables is at an all-time low, right alongside President Trump’s approval ratings in the rigged polls.

We’ve witnessed a week in which the mainstream media has gone into a full-court press of hysteria over Charlottesville. Nolan Richardson would be impressed by the Deep State’s Forty Minutes of Hell.

We’ve seen the President’s Council on Manufacturing fold tent amid much hypocritical corporate virtue-signaling.

We’ve seen Steve Bannon, the driving force behind Trump’s populist uprising, resign his position in the White House- apparently almost two weeks ago.

Between these events, the constant leaks, and the revolving door in the Administration, I don’t blame you one bit for feeling discouraged. If you took everything at face value, you’d think President Trump was perhaps the most incompetent man to ever hold the office.

But what if I were to tell you that the Donald is, in actuality, the most capable man to lead this country since at least Eisenhower?

What if I were to tell you that the left is in its death throes?

What if I were to tell you that I believe we are on the verge of witnessing the unfurling of the greatest sting operation in the history of our country?

You would probably say I’m a little touched. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first. I’ve been wrong before and will be again. I also will gladly cop to it when I am mistaken. It’s the only way you and I can have a bond of trust.

But I’ve also been right before where many were so wrong in the past.

The reasons?

I try to keep a bird’s eye view of larger trends while most everyone else is watching the Kabuki. Differentiating between the micro and the macro was ingrained in me since I worked in the stock market; you learn a thing or two about mob psychology along the way, important for trading and especially politics.

Now, I have access to the same news as everyone else. But I rely only on sources that have a track record of accuracy and honesty.

And let me tell ya, they ain’t the make-a-buck Twitter clowns. They’re not the news readers in barely-there skirts. They damn well aren’t anyone in the leftist propaganda machine.

They are, however, those who understand human nature like Huxley, Orwell, Bradbury, and Lewis. They’re sharp, insightful, experienced people of integrity like Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, and Julian Assange.

But I am digressing. You want to know about the long game that Trump is playing.

To get the answer, you first you need to ask the following questions:

  • Why is the left going absolutely insane about one unfortunate woman in Charlottesville?
  • Why is Nancy Pelosi pushing to formally censure the president for his simple, commonsensical, and decidedly uncontroversial rebuke of all the bad actors involved?
  • Why is the media pushing this story 24/7 while Russia got dropped like a hot potato?
  • Why are the MSM and most of the Democratic Party egging on Antifa?
  • Why did a Missouri State Senator openly state on Facebook that she wishes for an assassination of Trump?
  • Why are web hosting services kicking alt-right websites off their servers? Why are conservatives on Patreon and YouTube getting both demonized and demonitized? Why is the First Amendment being targeted BECAUSE OF ONE NEO-NAZI ASSHOLE?

But the even more important question is:

Why now?

Because the Deep State are scared absolutely shitless and they are emptying the last chambers of their political revolver.

They know what awaits them in the future. They need to bring about 1984 soon or lose power forevermore.

Or worse. They fear the awakening populace.

It is coup time or noose time; they are attempting to rile up the useful idiots of both ideological extremes with paranoia and disinformation in one massive play of identity politics to help undermine the duly-elected leader of the United States – the man who kept them from a total victory.

And that leader has all the dirt on them now.

The Swamp knows it too:

  • They know Imran Awan is the loose thread that unravels everything and he’s probably already turned state’s evidence to the Trump DOJ.
  • They know what was in that report that Devin Nunes gave to Trump.
  • They know why Dianne Feinstein was so ashen-faced and upset.
  • They know Robert Mueller is likely investigating the Democrats instead of the alleged Russian collusion in the Administration.
  • They know Hillary Clinton will be indicted soon, with all the corruption of the Foundation implicating half the Deep State.
  • They know Julian Assange didn’t meet with Dana Rohrabacher to discuss Vegemite recipes.
  • They know Seth Rich was a leaker.
  • They know why Donald Trump has surrounded himself with military generals.
  • They know Bannon is more useful being the scourge of globalists at Breitbart now that he’s purged the bad seeds in the intel agencies.
  • They know Antifa is now under surveillance and will likely soon be declared a domestic terrorist organization.

But they have learned it too late.

For President Trump and Steve Bannon play a mean game of Sun Tzu.

There is a reason he titled his seminal book, The Art of the Deal.

The Sun Tzu saying that is apropos to Trump today is this: “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

So, fellow Deplorables, knowing what you now know, what is the more likely in this ultimate game of high-stakes poker?

That Donald Trump is the most incompetent man ever elected?

Or that a devotee of General Patton and Sun Tzu, surrounded by a phalanx of military generals, has limped in to the hand while holding better cards than his opponents?

He has checked through the flop and the turn but has still called every bet.

Today, we sit at the rails.

We will see the river next.

Trump will soon call all-in holding a royal straight flush.

The Deep State is drawing dead.

The Swamp has only one out left: conjuring the necessary card by cheating with a false flag.

Watch the dealer closely in the coming weeks.

[I’ve added important recent developments subsequent to this article here.]











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  1. Hard to be excited about this collective mess, unless Prez Trump can accomplish a bloodless revolution. And that I find highly doubtful.Still, something major must change . This theater cannot continue, all us turnips have been wrung dry.
    Peace brother, keep up the excellent work!

    • I agree, Lucretius, we’re at a pivotal point in history. It almost has to happen now that folks are increasingly understanding just how their birthright of freedom has been stolen from them.

      The world has become so separated from wholesome normalcy that people are being forced to choose a side. Either that, or they become totally unhinged. It’s a hell of a mess that could have been prevented with a little wisdom decades ago.

      And thank you for reading and for your kind words, my friend.

        • Heartily agree, Rico. This republic of ours might not survive if the corruption plaguing D.C. isn’t cut out like the cancer it is. Fall of Rome or political renewal…not many other choices.

          I have hope for the first time in decades. The justice system will take longer than we want, but I think the Administration has started the process.

      • Lord F,
        It is absolutely pleasing to hear of another human who “owns” his humanity, the ability/eventuality of being wrong! It should be understood that we all are eventually incorrect in our assumptions, to the best of my knowledge, crystal balls do not really tell ANYTHING, and in my experience, folks telling you otherwise ought to be studied with great caution.
        I personally, when making a prediction of any kind, use the disclaimer; I reserve the right to be wrong! Even when diagnosing a vehicle problem, my field of expertise, with almost 40 years of experience to rely upon. I am usually correct, but I know things are not always readily apparent.
        Thank you fine sir, for your endeavors, they are appreciated.

    • There was never any chance of a bloodless revolution. Our beloved country and nation has been raped, pillaged, beaten, and invaded near unto death. The oncoming storm was always going to be a tornado: arm up, ammo, and lift!

  2. I want to believe, but if it’s that obvious then there has to be people on the “other side” who see it as well. That means they’d either take steps to block him, or we’ll start seeing the rats fleeing the ship now or sometime soon. I’m not going to hold my breath. I learned the lesson about being blinded with optimism during the Romney butt whipping.

  3. I am starting to doubt this. With all of the pronouncements of “Lack of public interest” and Chafetz saying Sessions was doing nothing on Clinton. I’m loosing hope. As are many.

    • I’ve felt like that, too. The internet age – with news coming at us at frightening speed – can make our hopes go in as many directions as an old Duncan yo-yo. I have no reason to doubt Mr. Chaffetz, who seems like a straight arrow. I surmise that Sessions is trying to keep the investigational matters as in- (White) house as possible because it’s too likely to be leaked, screwed-up, and/or thwarted by the Congress, many of whom are the Swamp.

      Galt’s Gulch…that is a wonderful handle. I wish I lived there! Best regards and thanks for the comment! LF

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