Judge Jeanine Mentions Link Between Clintons and Pedos

judge jeanine pirro opening statement 10/14/17 clintons jeffrey epstein pedos pedowood harvey weinstein

I put this video in the Trump Storm Central page, but I wanted to place Judge Jeanine Pirro’s blistering opening statement video in its own post so that it gets maximum exposure. It really is that important.

The reason the connection between the Clintons and pedophilia has never gotten traction in the mainstream media is the same as why Weinstein was always only mentioned in hushed tones and gossip: fear of reprisals.

But as with Harv, once the seal is broken, everyone will soon come forward. The Clinton cabal is infinitely more feared than Weinstein, so it will take longer to bust wide open and more voices will need to join the brave Judge Jeanine. It is only a matter of time, though.

Here is her opening statement from Saturday night, 10/14/17. It truly is a landmark moment. Spread this video like wildfire, folks.

From 1:10 forward is the cramming of red pills down the throats of Americans about the Clintons, human trafficking, Jeffrey Epstein, and more.

As a bonus, the Judge references a BBC interview of HRC. Here is the full video of that:

Count the number of lies and/or examples of hypocrisy in this video:

  • “I was shocked and appalled…” about Weinstein.
  • “I really commend the women who have been willing to step forward now…”
  •  “This kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated by anyone whether in entertainment or politics…We have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.” You mean Bill?
  • “That was in the past…late 90s” Yeah, I’m sure Bill has kept it in his pants, been completely monogamous with Hillary, and was “100% Angel” during his time at Epstein’s Lolita Island in the 16+ years after he left the White House.

A very impressive feat in 1.5 minutes.

This venomous harradan’s time as a free woman is almost up. Remember, it is coup time or noose time for the swamp and they all know it.



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