Judge Jeanine Eviscerates Quisling Republicans

Judge Jeanine Pirro has proven to be the smartest, most tenacious and effective advocate of Donald Trump in the media for some time now. No one has a finger on the pulse of The Deplorables quite like her. Why she is not being utilized by the Trump Administration in an official capacity is beyond my reckoning. Imagine her going up against Kamala Harris in a congressional hearing!

Her opening statement tonight displayed the fire that is lacking in Trump’s Cabinet. Listen to her opening statement of 6/17/17 below.

The Republican Establishment is an existential threat to this presidency, just as surely as the conjoined efforts of the Left and its propaganda machine in the “mainstream” press. They have the necessary votes as a party to go on an offensive blitz against the Clinton/Obama Crime Syndicate, yet have chosen to aid the Leftists by their silence and invisibility. As Judge Jeanine said, it’s time for the Paul Ryans and Reince Priebus’ of the world to  “put on your big boy pants”.

As long as the Republican Party fights a rear guard battle (or runs for the tall grass), the Democrats will never cease making advances in their efforts to subvert a legally-elected president. If the Left wins and consolidates their power by deposing Donald Trump, all Republicans will be silenced for good. Maybe that is what a Swamp Rat like John McCain truly wants in his heart-of-hearts.

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