John Bonifield, CNN Unwittingly Destroy Russia Narrative

John Bonifield CNN Fake News

Breaking news. A CNN producer named John Bonifield was captured on hidden camera admitting to a Project Veritas undercover reporter that the establishment media’s Russian narrative is fake news.

What you will hear next is the shrieking of social media CEOs ordering their engineers to change the algorithms to ensure this doesn’t get trending.

The video by James O’ Keefe’s merry band of truth seekers is presumably the first of many in a series. See it below.

Who says the CIA has all the really good spies?

The lack of integrity and outright bias of the left-wing mainstream media has been known to anyone with a half-way functioning brain for some time. Hell, Jayson Blair’s blatant fraud at the New York Times happened 14 years ago. That should have been plenty of proof that the MSM is never to be trusted.

However, video confirmation is always welcome.

Amongst the unwitting confessions made by John Bonifield:

  • CNN is pushing the Russia narrative because of ratings.
  • Jeff Zucker, CEO of CNN, told his crew to drop coverage of the Paris Accords to get back on to Russia.
  • That journalistic ethics are “adorable”.
  • CNN did not scrutinize President Obama because it would alienate their audience.
  • President Trump is “probably right to say, like, look, you are witch-hunting me.”

It might be time for Bonifield to lay low for a while. There are going to be many angry members of the Deep State who have a lot of explaining to do in public and might want a little payback on Mr. Loose-Lips-Sinks-Shadow Government-Ships. (Anyone seen or heard from Scott Foval lately? Me neither.)

For this will have an enormous impact on political events if it reaches critical mass. And it shall. Fortunately, not even @Jack can silence a president’s twitter feed. Nor can the next “president-in-waiting” at Facebook tamp down on the truth.

The Deep State Wars are getting hot, and the rebels have recently been turning the tide of battle. The actors in the Kabuki Theater Russian collusion “investigation” just had their script changed mid-performance by John Bonifield and James O’ Keefe and are being forced to ad-lib; Robert Mueller and Dianne Feinstein most notably.

Watch for scurrying rats and missing lifeboats.

Still, I’m looking forward to the media squirming and the coming Snopes article about how this is “out of context and heavily edited” in the next few days.

But don’t get your hopes too high. Propagandized hardcore leftists have plated armor an inch thick that always keeps the arrow of truth from piercing.

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