“Je Suis” A Dying Continent

We posted a link to an article by Pat Buchanan yesterday and in the blurb below it, wrote the following:

“The demise of Europe is nearly a fait accompli. Add mass Arab migration to an existing witch’s brew of low native birthrates, crazy Mario Draghi-led ECB fiscal policies and a European Union foisted on the public by globalists and the cauldron will be roiling until it spills over and ultimately explodes.”

Originally I thought the EU would not last until the end of the decade. It might not even make it to the end of 2016.

I’ve never been so unhappy to be proven correct.

Sadly, the predictions going forward are just as dire:

  • In the aftermath of today’s Parisian massacre, our maximal leader will reassure us that Islam is a religion of peace, and as he condoles those who’ve lost loved ones due to the policies of his own incompetent making, military actions will likely ensue.
  • Because those in power can never, ever admit a mistake or reverse a failed policy, our rift with Vladimir Putin and Russia will deepen unless new western leaders are elected.  Expect a doubling-down, with increasing unintended consequences similar to those as when we created a rising Iranian power and an ISIS monster in order to topple various tyrannical -yet ultimately much stabler – strongman regimes in the region.
  • Sane ideas such as profiling will be derided by the left. You’ll see more lazy charges of xenophobia and organized anti-hate rallies from the usual suspects. Imprudent foreign interventions will be attempted to mask the failed policies of the Obama Administration and the European Union, driving even more Arab refugees into Western countries that have neither the resources nor the will – excepting Frau Merkel and most of her political brethren- to absorb them.
  •  The propagandizing arm of the globalists, the mainstream media, will find another Aylan Kurdi to further browbeat guilt-stricken, self-loathing, affluent white liberals into the humanist thinking that if we just sacrifice our own self-interests we can overcome our differences and maybe, just maybe, the Muslims will learn to love us.

The hard truth is the Christians of the West and radical Muslims are incompatible in the same lands. A mere millennium of history bears this out, dating back to the times of Pope Urban II, Saladin, Richard the Lionhearted and the early Crusades. We’ve been best served historically with an isolationist policy of respectful tolerance of the others religion, separated by thousands of miles of land or bodies of water.   The world was a safer, better, freer, even a more interesting place before national and cultural sovereignty was tossed into the soupy melange of globalism. Unchecked, Europe needs to be prepared for more Arab invasions and the threats of this man will come to fruition:

And so the Western world will continue to be caught in an endless feedback loop of war, political correctness and the ever-increasing surveillance of all innocent American and European citizens.

Since preventing massacres like today’s is as easy as sealing borders via a zero Muslim immigration policy and more efficient intelligence work, then why isn’t it already so? The answer, I’m afraid, is as it usually is; the consolidation of money and the perpetuating of power to keep the drive for leftist globalism alive. It’s the furtherance of the war on natural law contrived in yesteryear by the likes of Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School and steered into today by the George Soros’ of the world.

As Rahm Emanuel once admitted, and as historical figures like Stalin perfected, one never lets a serious crisis go to waste. Soon, you will see the recently growing chatter of a cashless society become a reality so that all currency transactions can be monitored in the name of fighting terrorism. That trial balloon has been floated many times in the past months and should be the next step in this insane process. Your subjugation and control is their Utopian dream. It’ll be our dystopian nightmare before long.

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