James Comey’s Gambit

Hello again, folks. It’s been a while. I had to take a few months off to recharge my batteries and get some issues squared away.

A lot has changed in the past few months as you no doubt know. With our ever-quickening news cycle, a day is a week, a week a month, and a month a year in terms of current events. No sense getting caught up, we’ll just delve right into the Deep State Wars featuring former FBI Director James Comey with a couple of hot takes.


  • The James Comey hearings of June 8th were notable for a few reasons you will not read on the pages of the Washington Post or New York Times. Anyone who watched the hearings knows that the surprise revelation was the bombshell that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had asked him to refer to the Clinton e-mail scandal as “a matter” as opposed to “an investigation”. What has rarely been mentioned, if at all, is that Comey volunteered this information. He could have evaded Senator Burr’s open-ended question. Why did he choose to reveal this tidbit at a hearing that was hyped as a Trump Impeachment rally? Because he has detected, correctly, that the political winds have changed.


  • Comey has served as a Clinton/Obama shovel buddy for decades, dating back to the mid-90s when he decided, as a U.S. Attorney, not to pursue cases against the Clintons in their real estate ventures and then later when he again dropped the investigation of Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich. He surely knows the power that he is up against. However, he fears prison


  • He is an exceedingly clever man who plays both sides when convenient. The “aw shucks,” “Lordy,” cornball routine is just that. This is a man who parlayed favors to powerful friends into gigs at Lockheed Martin and HSBC bank that made him quite a rich man. One must know when predicting how the Deep State Wars will play out that James Comey is a wild card because he will save himself first and foremost. He knows that Trump is winning and the Russian investigation has proven to be the Left’s version of Al Capone’s Vault. Watch for him to seek a deal to provide evidence on the corrupt Clinton/Obama machine.


  • Dianne Feinstein admitted recently that former AG Lynch’s obstruction of justice should be investigated. This has been enormously underreported. She would not make such a call unless she knew that not only is the fabricated case of Russian collusion DOA, but that Comey’s subtle dropped hints at the hearings were a dog-whistle that only the Swamp Creatures could hear.


  • Robert Mueller must know his own investigation will likewise be DOA. With his inherent conflicts of interest (Comey is his friend and successor as FBI Director), the absurd stacking of his legal team with Clintonistas, and refusal thus far to recuse himself, he is just begging Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to disband the investigation. I believe this is a ploy to shift the focus to the Clinton/Obama unmasking crimes and also to shift allegiances, at least temporarily, from the Deep State to the new power in town: the forces fighting corruption.


Interesting days ahead. Talk to you soon.

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