In the Subjectivist Valley of the Slippery Slope

Many sage minds warned us that the slippery slope we commenced down decades ago would eventually flatten out into the maw of the Leftist Totalitarian Army.

We’ve gone willingly, whistling the while, lured by a combination of free lunches, easy sex and distraction. We went slowly, chins glued to chests watching LOL Cats on ZuckerBook, ignoring every clue indicating danger on the path.

We passed the signs with the downcast arrows upon which were writ:

“Moral Degeneracy This Way”

“Destruction of the Nuclear Family Switchback”

“The Natural Law/Subjectivism Fork in the Road”

“Quantitative Easing Access Road Ahead. Oligarchs Only”

“Disarmament Defile. Caution: 3000-Foot Fall”

“Shush! Avalanche Safe Zone Approaching. Surrender First Amendment at SJW Checkpoint”

So here we are, in October 2016, standing in the valley at last, blinking stupidly at the ravenous Left-Wing Fascist Machine arrayed before us. Its war engines, hidden by good intentions for so long, have been unveiled.  From the time we passed “The Last, Lonely Outpost for Saving Your Freedom” it dispensed with cloaking measures. Why bother? They know our muscles are too atrophied to struggle anyway, and even if we were still strong, we couldn’t go back uphill. It’s slippery remember?

The time of decision is here. Be herded by the globalist shepherds or fight them. There is no more escaping to blithe indifference for Western Man.

The Yesterday: How We Got Here

As is always the case when the wheel of fate lands one in an unfavorable destination, the mind tries to piece together the missteps that made Fortune so cruel. How did the American and European Christian patriarchy that ably advanced civilization for century upon century become almost lost in a mere two generations time? Hindsight puts on his 20/20 spectacles  and sees clearly the deception:

It started with the Frankfurt School of social theory (read here for a primer).

Its raison d’etre was as achingly simple as its methods were complex.

The motivation was essentially “good intentions”, which sounds harmless enough to those who don’t know any better. The wise, however, who understand the philosophical underpinnings of altruism, know it is always doomed to cause the opposite of its intent, ultimately leading to the failure of nations and the degeneracy of its people. Especially when it is based on Karl Marx’s version of a better future for mankind. But more on that later.

For now we start with the methods.

Its adherents dug tunnels underneath the foundations of the three Western institutions that were once responsible for our ascendancy to greatness as a society:

  • Education
  • Culture
  • Religion

The founders of the Frankfurt theory were nothing if not clever. Societal change takes a long time and they knew their Utopia had to start with the impressionable. It took decades of patience and secrecy, but they infiltrated the halls of education and etched ideals contrary to traditional morality on the blank slates of youth.


And thus were hatched the Flower Children, the indoctrinated, weaponized Typhoid Marys of generations, the results of the Frankfurt School’s coordinated experiments that would spread a virus through history, a new germ of the older strain of subjectivist morality.

Once past adolescence, the FC (who later bred and indoctrinated today’s social justice warriors) seized the culture, eager to throw overboard the hence-dominant Christian ethos they were programmed to find stifling and stale. Rock and roll, movies and novels celebrating the new, liberated ways of thinking and the protest culture became pervasive in the 1960s. They worked up the ranks of print and broadcast media to serve the burgeoning agenda. The last would be the toughest because it was the most resistant to change. Usurping the pulpits and filling the pews directly with their minions proved to be a failure, so instead they eroded the importance of faith by deriding it at every turn in the culture they dominated.

From there it was only a matter of time, for they then controlled the millenia-old means of how people feel and think and worship and receive and perceive news. In other words, all the social mediums that can be used to instill goodness in mankind, or, conversely, to foster discord through propaganda fell into the hands of the Leftists.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, they chose the latter course.

Eventually the Flower Children replaced entirely their parents of the Greatest Generation of World War II in the power structures of the west. The leftist vision of the evolved man began its corruption towards totalitarianism around then. The Flower Children who bragged of “fighting the power” began to realize the power they attained was really groovy.

Sometime in the 80s and 90s the Frankfurt disciples were entrenched and the grade of the slippery slope became so severe that a snowball effect was possible. One of the first visible aspects was in political correctness, starting with the legislation of hate crimes in the 90s under the auspices of protecting vulnerable elements of society, like homosexuals and minorities.

Then of course, hate crime legislation became an inroad to the chiseling away of the First Amendment by shrill denunciations of hate speech. Now everyone in America and Europe is afraid of challenging the real existential threats of rampant immigration, Islamic terrorism and moral degeneracy for fear of losing their livelihoods to the P.C. police.

Surprised that the peace and love generation’s Utopianism proved just another ruse for power? You shouldn’t be. For moral subjectivists like the Frankfurt folk, the ends always justify the means. And without any exception in recorded history that will lead to totalitarianism. As Orwell wrote, “the object of power is power.” So if Utopianism isn’t your bag, baby, tough luck. It will force its false reality on you, regardless.


Today: The Battle is Between the Objectivist and the Subjectivist

To achieve Utopian ends of happiness and plenty for all, the Marxist Left relies on centralized enforcement to achieve the “greater good” as subjectively devised by a tiny, select group of men, not God’s or nature’s objective laws.

The main lunacy lies in the idea that man can improve mankind and his intrinsic morality. A man’s mind cannot stay consistent, and if it is left to him to invent his own subjective  morality, concepts of right and wrong will change based on his appetites and needs. Writ large, this leads to mass moral confusion in a people and eventually moral vacuums develop and a society’s descent begins. Without shared moral beliefs, no one then can agree that down is down, or up is up. Grass becomes blue (don’t nitpick, Kentuckians) and the sky green. 2+2 can be 5 if enough people say so. Men can become womanly and women manly.

If there’s no right or wrong, or enforcement thereof, you get cultural degeneracy. That in turn begets sexual degeneracy and personal deviancy spills over into the professional. Professional deviance begets a decay in ethics. Lack of ethics begets financial corruption. Financial corruption begets political corruption. Political corruption becomes totalitarianism. Does that sound like a good summation of our present day?

Let me give a crude example:

There are two groups of people gathered in a field, one is a bunch of regular objectivist farming folks, the other a set of the superiorly educated subjectivist government workers. They are gathered to see what can be done about the dilemma of a square peg and a round hole. Money and status depends on it.

Each member of the objectivist group sees the different shapes and as individuals agree that it is fruitless to try to make them fit. Round has always been round. Square has always been square. It is better not to meddle with nature since no matter how much you shave the peg or fill the hole with material, it will never be a good fit.

An Objectivist is a laissez-faire realist.

The subjectivist group tries repeatedly to make the parts fit. They believe truth is mutable based on their wants, experiences and feelings. It’s whatever anyone says it is. But the square peg always falls down no matter the method tried. The group conspires among themselves. They’ve invested a lot of time in this. They need to show how clever they are or they risk embarrassment. Besides, everyone would be really happy if this square peg fit into the round hole. It’s for the betterment of all if it’s made to happen.

A Subjectivist is a tinkerer and a Utopian.

The objectivists tell the subjectivists that if God wanted the pieces to fit they would fit. They say they’re going home now to a place where they’re already contented but where it isn’t important that square pegs fit round holes.

The subjectivists get angry and prideful since they are supposedly of the higher intellect and hold the more important government jobs. They complain bitterly that the objos are superstitious, old-fashioned morons and hate science and progress. They tell them they need to see the light to be happy and this is their home until peg and hole are one. They are now pointing guns at the objectivists. Coercion wasn’t the stated goal at the beginning for the subjectivists but morality can shift by the whim of perspective.

“We have a God-given right to live free,” says the objectivist.

The subjectivist replied, “Your rights are relative to the morality of those holding the guns. And that’s us.”

Everything, all personal tenets, all political positions are pliable to the confused ends of the subjectivist.

For modern examples, you can see it in the way feminists of the 90s ignored Bill Clinton’s vile, felonious conduct towards women under his employ and then turn around twenty years later and act like Donald Trump’s alleged kissing bandit routine is some great blight against humanity. You see it in their reactions to the WikiLeaks; the Red Sympathizers of the past ignore the revealed high crimes of state committed by the Clinton Machine because it might have been the work of the evil Russian Bear. You see it in Michelle Obama’s clutching of pearls over the word pussy if it comes from the mouth of a political enemy. But if it comes from the mouth of a deviant from the culture the leftists helped create, they get invited to the White House and hailed as great artists.

Tomorrow: Choosing Between Natural Law or Western Oblivion

Whether anyone knows it or not, the future lies in the choosing of philosophies. But I am not too encouraged, since philosophy probably gets one-one-thousandth of the Google hits of a Kim Kardashian ass shot. If natural law is not the choice all Western Man’s achievements will be as crumbled as the monuments of Ancient Greece, ruined by internal rot and sacked by ascending foreign hordes that haven’t yet been afflicted by moral tinkerers.

In less than a generation – if that – America and Europe will either be waging multiple civil wars, fomenting revolutions or have become completely subservient to a fascistic Leftist dictatorship. Or some combination of the above. The pendulum might swing too far and we end up with a Subjectivist Right. Hard times are-a-comin regardless.

Preserving our roots as Men of the West, the builders of the greatest societies and ideas in history, is incumbent upon us. We owe it to our forebears that the deeds of Charlamagne, the exquisite talents of Mozart and Michelangelo, the courage of More, the words of Shakespeare and Dante and Milton, are not lost to the nu-culture of today’s moral degenerates and propagandists.

The coming times will demand that all good men and women who opt to fight for their heritage become fit to survive and lead a resistance. Each one of us needs to become the examplars of Western Man. People are still inherently drawn to strength of purpose and character. The subjectivists haven’t yet wrung that from our DNA. Become men in full. Revel in your history as a people. Read the classics that are under assault. Become or stay physically fit. Rediscover and live your faith. Become frugal and self-sufficient. Find meaningful work in recession-proof industries.Stop apologizing. Stop wasting your time on trifles. Stop feeding the machine that seeks your enslavement.

Coming soon, I’ll be posting a series of articles on preparing for the Kondratieff Winter and reading lists for the resistance. Stay tuned and please, if you find what you’re reading here valuable, leave a comment and share the links and help get the word out.

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