Possible Tweet Storm Of Importance Tomorrow?

sean hannity tick tock trump calm before the storm project veritas deep state

Sean Hannity is “tick-tocking” again.

If I were a betting man, and I am, I would say the odds are strong that this could actually be something. He seems pretty tight with the Administration and could have been tipped off. But to what?

“T-minus 7” -presumably hours – would take us to 6 A.M. EST, or the hour when President Trump usually sends out his Tweet storms. In the wake of Trump’s “calm before the storm” comments of a few days ago, maybe the eye wall is hitting the political landscape. Columbus Day, lots of people at home on a slow news day, and a Prez who understands the cycle…

If not that, then maybe Project Veritas?

Just something to ponder on a lazy Sunday night.

Late edit: For a bonus, we have a frightened Rothschild:


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