Hillary Pushing Gun Control Agenda Before Bodies Are Cold

hillary calls for gun control before bodies in vegas are cold

None of us yet know a damned thing about what truly went down in Las Vegas last night. But that never stopped Hillary Clinton from letting a good crisis go to waste.

It’s almost like she has an agenda or something. The full-court press for gun control gets stronger and faster with each tragedy. People like Hillary Clinton barely wait for the bodies to get cold now.

The media frenzy in the wake of the Mandalay Bay Route 91 massacre Sunday night has been breathtaking. Everywhere one turns, there is deliberate misinformation being pushed on every corner of the internet. People on (anti) social media are taking delight in the slaughter of our brothers and sisters in humanity, hoping, begging that the shooter was white, black, brown, a Republican, a Democrat, a Nazi, or a Muslim to further a political end.

teacher mocks dead in las vegas
Somewhere in the world, someone like this is teaching your kids history and civics.


social media gets a leftist fired for once
CBS fired this executive for this Facebook post.

There’s no shortage of hot takes, but only a very few cold, hard facts. We live in the age of the death of truth, so, as always, let the evidence emerge, use sense, and listen only to trusted, TRULY impartial sources who have never knowingly lied to you before. False flags do occur, but not as often as the disinfo shills want you to believe.

I honestly wonder if our species will survive the gaslighting of this media age. It is dehumanizing and propagandizing people at an alarming rate.

Time to go reread Rudyard Kipling’s “If…”

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