Hillary Clinton and Donald Duck May Just Have Elected Trump

The presidential election has just officially gone off the deep end of reality. Hillary Clinton and Donald Duck, in the most breathtakingly absurd way possible, may have handed Donald Trump the keys to the Oval Office.

Now before you say how the media will cover this up the same way as the WikiLeaks memos, the other Project Veritas videos and a lifetime of Clinton corruption, please consider this:

THIS IS WATER COOLER JUICY STUFF that the average idiot can understand. You don’t need to know anything about FBI procedures, technical details of e-mail servers or the time-line of Clinton Foundation Pay for Play for the Hillary Clinton and Donald Duck fiasco to make sense.

It is mock-worthy political clickbait. It casts Clinton as petty and utterly ridiculous.

And for a woman whose whole thesis for being president is her allegedly presidential demeanor this throws that into the trash. Next to where the Hillary Clinton Donald Duck costume is probably decomposing at this instant. She will be the butt of late-night comedian’s jokes. This is going to be “Howard Dean Scream” levels of fun for columnists and the news media. They can’t lay off this one when it will be Google’s #1 search for weeks.

Donald Duck costumes will be as ubiquitous this Halloween as the creepy clown outfits.

She doesn’t survive this one. People don’t think on an instinctual level that a candidate can go toe-to-toe with Vladimir Putin when she wastes time formulating plots involving Disney characters.

And if you had Vegas odds on this one happening, it would probably pay off a billion dollars to your single Federal Reserve Note.

Whether the links to Super PAC dark money by the Clinton Campaign needs corroborating evidence or not is irrelevant. She is today a walking joke and will be answering embarrassing questions about this until election day and past the way Trump has about Alicia Machado.

Think of this as Al Capone getting thrown in jail for tax evasion when his mob killed people and bribed judges. The untouchable mobster of our day is now vulnerable thanks to Donald Duck.

Nothing The Donald (Trump, not Duck) could have done at the debates could have been more effective. Half of Hillary’s core supporters are going to vote for her because she has a vagina. This won’t affect their vote. But a large segment are supporting her because they are attracted, not repelled, by power no matter how it was acquired. As King Henry VIII said in A Man for All Seasons, “There are those…who follow me because I wear the crown, those…who follow me because they are jackals with sharp teeth and I am their tiger, there’s a mass that follows me because it follows anything that moves.”

Donald Duck just punctured Hillary Clinton’s facade as a serious candidate and boy did he ever declaw that tiger.

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