The Great FBI Revolt of 2016

I’ve been hearing things lately. Maybe I’m ready to be fitted for a straitjacket.

Around midday on October 29th, I faintly heard the pealing of a bell.

Today is All Saint’s Day and again right around noon, somewhere off in the distance I thought I heard the blast of a trumpet.

Perhaps it was merely the effects of the Halloween season, when the veil separating the spiritual and corporeal worlds is particularly thin…

But then I realized the cause of my hallucinations: they were auditory metaphors for the recent FBI-related events of our surreal 2016 election.

The peals of the 29th were the sounds of imminent political death. 

With apologies to the great John Donne,

john-donne-bell-tolls-for-hillareeNo Carlos Danger is an island, entire of itself – are you listening, Mrs. Clinton? – and if that stupid clod be washed away to sea, you are the less for it. His wiener has schlonged hard all who were tethered to it; yourself, Huma Abedin, hubby Slick, the entire campaign and the Deep State inclusive. Weinergate I was but the warmup act for Weinergate II: The Globalist Reckoning. Karl Denninger, a man of quite significant tech (and financial) knowledge, says that the FBI may well have on Weiner’s computer every e-mail that you sent Huma  – even the ones scrubbed with a cloth.

So send not to know for whom his balls toll, Hillary. They toll for thee.

Now we’ll get to the trumpet sounds. If I’m interpreting correctly, the clarion call is one of war.

Over the weekend Hillary Clinton double dog-dared the FBI to put up or shut up, like she was some crazed, modern-day Al Capone, her criminal spirit animal and soulmate in syphilitic delusions. The only problem for her is that the current FBI has in its ranks men shaped out of the Eliot Ness mold of yore, who now seem willing to take on the Clinton Machine.

And today they just sent a warning shot over the bow of the U.S.S. Corruption in response. What appears to be a simple release of the Marc Rich pardon investigation through a FOIA request, is in fact much more than it appears.

So, so, so much more.

  • It was an answer to former Attorney General Eric Holder’s hypocritical criticism of FBI Director James Comey, by reminding the public about Holder’s role in the pay-to-play aspect of Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich and Pincus Green on his last day of office.
  •  The FOIA release could have been made public at any time in the 15 years since the pardon. It was clearly timed in response to Clinton’s hubris.
  • It was a subtle “fuck you” by the FBI to Harry Reid. Because the Rich documents were not leaked, but rather delivered via the Bureau’s Freedom of Information Act Twitter account, the FBI could both answer Hillary Clinton’s taunts and claim that it is merely fulfilling its mandate to release pertinent docs under FOIA. Try to cry Hatch Act with this one, Harry.
  • The dump serves as a reminder to Hillary that not only does the FBI have the goods on her, but they’re no longer afraid to reveal it. This is partly because the FBI believes that Trump is going to win.
  • If FBIAnon is the real deal – and if you read it with a discerning eye, you’ll know it has the ring of authenticity to it – then this is the FBI’s way of saying, “we have a lot more and we’re going to use it to save the republic from the almost unfathomable corruption in our political system.”
  • It can also be read as a message to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that if she tries to squash the Anthony Weiner investigation, or force Peter Kadzik on them, there are hundreds if not thousands of angry agents ready to blow the whistle on other items.

I’m sure there’s even more, but events are unfolding so quickly it’s nigh impossible to think of every angle to every destiny-shaping event. But one thing is assured. It’s going to get even more electric in the next week.

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