Exporting Nihilism, Importing Terrorism

Written by Hereward the Wake, Contributor


To Defeat , West Must Shake Off Globalism,


Why do the terrorists hate ? Some say it is because it supports Israel or that our soldiers’ boots defile the sacred sites of Islam. Others say it is because the jihadis lands are impoverished and deplorable while ours are rich and powerful; they envy us.

Yet at the crux of the hate is something far more deep-seated and boundless. It is the perception that the West’s very essence is an unchecked, swaggering Godlessness. The warriors of the Prophet despise the West as an open sewer whose contagion threatens to infect every corner of the earth – a contagion of glorified homosexuality, harlots, hedonism and boastful immorality.  Where the West holds sway so an ignoble culture of consumption triumphs over spirituality.

Under the hegemony of the postmodern West, with its unceasing quest to remake the world in its own image — secular but ever more hostile to faith; permissive and materialist — the Islamic faithful see the complete annihilation of their world.

Through military adventures, covert operations and the process of globalization, the path is paved for a newer form of humanity.  Where once distinct and unique peoples and cultures belonged to nation states, the coming globalist super state will have at their disposal a homogenized,  rootless humanity of worker-consumer drones professing no particular faith or creed. Their brains will seem large only becasuse they have atrophied chests. They will not live dangerously on the slopes of Vesuvius but abandon freedom for the promise of security and pleasure.

Radical Islam hates the West because the latter makes mock of God, truth and meaning.  For the deracinated West, led by Wall Street and Washington, progress means relegating a man’s deepest convictions to the same importance as preferring one soft drink over another.

It has been remarked that since the 1960s America and the West have been in the throes of a culture war between secular progressives and conservative traditionalists. Now as boundaries dissolve everywhere and sovereignty is trod down by trade pacts, illegal wars and forced immigration, the West invades the world as it invites the world — within and without are the same. We are now witness to the opening salvos of a war not merely between identities but against identity itself.  And so the monstrous of the West has given birth to monsters — are we surprised?  Now begin the “immense wars of spirit” foretold by the wise.

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