Ex-Banker Ronald Bernard and the Pyramid of 8000

ronald bernard pyramid of power 8000 oligarchs rule the world luciferian sacrifice organ harvesting ponzi scheme

Banking whistleblower Ronald Bernard was rumored on some conspiracy websites to have died recently. As often happens on the internet, a case of mistaken identity sparks gossip that gets out of control. This is one of the ways fake news spreads.

But what IS true (at least in the main) is what is contained in the videos below.

Mr. Bernard, a former upper-tier Dutch banker who regained his conscience, reveals in detail just how the financial sausage has been made for many centuries. Please take the time to view them. He was interviewed by Irma Schiffers of DVM-TV. You will never see anything this close to the mark about the world monetary system in the mainstream media. 

Please pay particular attention to the second video. He does as good a job as I’ve seen of breaking down the complexity of the world financial model into layman’s terms and precisely how it leads to mass human suffering.

Having worked in the stock market for quite a number of years, I feel qualified enough to say that the pyramid of power Ronald Bernard describes is quite accurate.

Look no further than to the BIS, the IMF, and the central banks if you want to know the culprits behind the carnage of the middle class in America and the impoverishment of even fully-developed nations. Listen to what he says and then think back to the Greek sovereign debt crisis of 2015 and how that was handled. It will all come together. The tools the elites use: complexity, distraction, deflection, ignorance, and divide and conquer.

I was training to be a psychopath and I failed.

Bernard also recounts some supremely disturbing personal experiences dealing with this hierarchy. Since I have no way of proving or disproving what he said, I will leave it to you to make up your own minds. But ever since hearing about what happened in Rotherham a few years back – and the corresponding governmental and media cover-up – there’s very little I will discount out of hand.





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  1. Yes. We all get caught in the corruption in govt and the degeneration of society, but overlook (or forget about) the root of the problem. That is, central banking and it’s tentacles. This is the biggest, longest running heist in human history.

    We hack at the branches while the roots just grow and grow. Of course time will tell if they can avoid the collapse that they have seeded, and thus their own ruin. I think it will come, but the question is how long it takes. There is indeed a lot of ruin in our modern society, and a lot of capital to burn through.

    • Very well said. It’s a Ponzi scheme. We know what happens when they run out of fresh victims…they skip town after the collapse and let us deal with the rubble.

      It saddens me that every time the people get fed up and are roused to action, they misidentify the true culprits. Thus, we’re always pitted man against man, left against right. Red pilling folks against the Deep State/bankers is the most crucial thing we can do to change this.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

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