Election Post Mortem, Cliff Notes Version

Isn’t it funny how leftists are always the ones that need safe spaces?

This is despite the fact that they’ve had eight years of nearly tyrannical control of the White House.

This is despite the fact that the media is almost entirely in their pocket, by the tune of 96% of journalists donations went to Mrs. Clinton.

This is despite the fact that the halls of higher education are occupied by brownshirts who taunt, ridicule, ostracize, and threaten the livelihoods of anyone with a dissenting opinion.

If anyone needs a safe space, it is everyone else who is sick and tired of the childish spectacles of the Petulant Left.

And therein lies the core reason for the triumph of Donald Trump in this election past. I’ve spent the past week, recovering from a health problem, so I’ve had ample time to listen to the clueless insiders prattle on about how no one saw Mrs. Clinton’s defeat coming. {Ahem. Cough, Ahemmmmm.}

Well the same people who couldn’t predict how a counterfeit coin would land are the self-same ones attempting to explain the startling revelation that we are indeed two Americas. You’ll be surprised to learn that not a-one of these professional pundits has come close to the truth behind The Donald’s victory.

As one of the very few who nailed the race the whole way, I’m in the rather unique position of having credibility in the matter. Big secret revealing time…wanna know the number one reason why he won?

The Shy Trump Voter – those folks who lied to pollsters for months on end for fear of being socially stigmatized.

You may wonder why the “STV” would do such a dishonest thing. Here’s your answer:

(Snowflakes don’t like to tax their brains with too much reading, so we’ll keep it really simple by using videos)

I will write about the election aftermath in more detail when I’m feeling better. My next article will be about the quite literal insanity of the “progressives” which has never been on clearer display than now. Stay tuned.





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