Comey’s Obstruction Of Justice Confirmed

james comey predetermined to let hillary get off in email scandal

James Comey’s goose is cooked.

Those of us who have followed the Clinton e-mail scandal from its infancy knew the former FBI Director was a long-time shovel buddy for the former First Couple. We all had suspicions Comey had predetermined that he was not going to recommend Mrs. Clinton for prosecution well before his infamous July 5, 2016 statement.

Today, we just received confirmation that the fix was in and that the whole investigation was a sham.

As reported by Katie Pavlich of Townhall, the Senate Judiciary Committee has sent a letter to new FBI Director Christopher Wray requesting additional records for its own investigation into Mr. Comey’s “conduct in handling the Clinton and Russia investigations.”

james comey rigged investigation clinton emails senate letter

Included in this damning letter is the assertion that Comey had made the decision to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton to the Department of Justice as early as April, 2016.

This is the most important part: it was before the investigation had concluded. Not only that, this was also before Mrs. Clinton had even been interviewed.

The letter also states that the decision was made prior to Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson being needlessly granted immunity from the DOJ (with the provision that the laptops would be destroyed.) This is clear proof that this was an orchestrated farce from the outset.

comey senate letter to wray destroyed laptops immunity

Why then would you give immunity if the case was already fixed?

I would assume it was a bit of Kabuki to give the appearance that this was a real investigation.

It also allowed important, presumably incriminating, evidence to be disposed of legally — and possibly permanently– just in case a serious investigation occurred in the future.

Lots of questions still…

Can we now surmise that when Attorney General Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Arizona in June of 2016, it was to brief him of the fact everything was going off without a hitch?

Was the reason Comey even bothered with a public statement because a camera crew filmed the tarmac meeting and he needed to ad lib?

Remember in the waning days of the election when Comey reopened the case for a few days? Remember how a defiant Hillary asked Comey to turn over his cards? Well, in October I wrote this:

“Over the weekend Hillary Clinton double dog-dared the FBI to put up or shut up, like she was some crazed, modern-day Al Capone, her criminal spirit animal and soulmate in syphilitic delusions.”

Now that we know the investigation to have been rigged from the start, her confidence is much easier to understand.

Today’s revelations furthers the view that the tide has turned in Trump’s war with the Deep State.

Notice how Dianne Feinstein played nice a few days ago? Said that Trump is going to be here for four years and might be a swell guy after all.


She’s on the Judiciary Committee and knew what was in that letter.

Notice how Nancy Pelosi threw Antifa under the bus almost instantly after egging them on? Probably tipped off about the letter.

The gaslighting of the left to incite civil unrest over the last month didn’t work. It was too late.

Next, we watch for the rats jumping overboard. I think Comey and Mueller did so months ago.

The Democrats are possibly a few moves away from being put in checkmate.




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