Clinton-Glencore Ties: It’s All Here

If you’re up for some supplementary midnight reading, here is as good a summary as I’ve seen of the Clinton/Marc Rich/Glencore ties we discussed earlier. Some exquisite work by a user by the name of Emperor Worf on Reddit. He really lays it all out concisely and with annotations.

Read this very important piece here.

As someone who knows quite a lot about commodities and the stock market from nearly 20 years of working in that field, I can tell you the Glencore conglomerate has always been stinking dirty. Even more rotten and corrupt than its late, unlamented totem twin, Enron. So much so that its nickname has been Glenron.

In addition to the corruption angle, Glencore/Xstrata is/has been a derivatives time-bomb. Last year its credit default swaps spiked massively, always a bad omen as far as economic big bangs go. When the Clinton Machine is destroyed in the coming weeks and months, Glencore may very well be annihilated alongside it. It might be the catalyst for the long-awaited derivatives meltdown. 

And lucky us, they are deemed “too big to fail”, just like the banks.

Great Depression II: Second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse. But for a chance to save the republic and Western Civilization, it will be a necessary pain we must endure. When the leg is gangrenous, you either cut it off or the whole body eventually dies.




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