Charlottesville, “Unite the Right” Chaos

reichstag fire unite the right antifa soros psyop

There’s too much happening at the moment to give a clear analysis of what is going on in Charlottesville with the Unite the Right rally. I’ll write about this in the coming days as I wrap my brain around this and filter out the disinfo and propaganda.

One thing I can say for sure is that this is going to be a cultural flashpoint for many years, likely by design. It has all the makings of a divide-and-conquer-style false flag event that is being done for political purposes. Knowing what we know of history and the way powerful factions use extremists as pawns in economic and political end games, is it so unusual to think we are watching another Reichstag Fire unfold in real time?

This one absolutely stinks to high heavens. The worst elements of both ideological extremes are on display (probably all well-funded and bused in), including Antifa and David Duke, to pit man against man. That Terry McAuliffe, as dirty and Deep State as it gets, is the governor of Virginia only adds to the stench.

A little advice: take NOTHING that is in either the MSM or even the alternative media at face value with this story. There are agendas galore at work. In times of disinformation, conspiracy theory is often conspiracy fact. We just have to sift through it and look at motives, psychology, and as many facts as we can get our hands on.

More in a few days.


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