Who Can You Trust When the Truth is Under Assault?

To all attuned citizens, it should be abundantly clear by now that the modern dystopian cabal (governments, Madison Avenue, intelligence agencies, radical leftists, and the mainstream press) has been waging a war against not only traditional American values, but upon truth itself. It is becoming increasingly difficult for even the smartest among us to parse fact from fiction in news reports so that one can create a cohesive, personal, world view. The natural question we ask ourselves is “who can you trust these days” to find the truth?

Well, fortunately there are a few easy answers but they are depressing ones.

The first one is: unless you see it with your own eyes, it is automatically suspect. The problem with this is that it is as limiting to the truth-seeker as a first-person POV is to an author. You can only see what is directly in your own sphere, when there is an entire planet’s worth of decisions that impact your present and future.

The second and more important answer is to seek sources who have established track records of both accuracy and integrity.  This is what freedom-loving people have relied on for centuries, but sadly, these honest voices have been drowned out by a cacophony of propagandists, clickbait artists, and vested interests who will:

[1} tell you what you want to hear.

[2] tell you what they want you to know, truth or lie.

[3] omit what they don’t want you to know, and

[4] actively silence those silly rogues who believe a citizen should hear the unfiltered truth for good or for ill.

You know how Wall Street firms place this bit of text at the bottom of investment brochures? “Past performance is not indicative of future results.”

What truth-seekers must do is flip that expression upside down in regards to finding honest news reporters and analysts. Here, past performance is indicative of future results.

You must, and I stress must, look only for sources who have never lied to you. 

But know also that integrity is useless without accuracy. In such a situation you are then receiving information from well-meaning dupes. And you know what they say about hell and good intentions.

Every reporter and analyst will make mistakes. Only one unflawed divinity ever walked this earth, after all. But if this source has a long history of getting it right, and issues retractions and admits error on the rare occasion when wrong, then trust has been established as far as I am concerned.

Another sign of good character is a willingness to challenge orthodoxy or the party line. Look for those who are willing to take on dreadful consequences rather than lie.

Part of this is instinctual and based on professional demeanor, seriousness of mind. I trust the same kind of people I would trust in daily life.

With all that said, let me provide you a starter list of government officials, news sources, and analysts that I have found unimpeachable. I will revisit this post routinely and add new names or list ones I’ve forgotten.

Who Can You Trust?

Ron Paul

Rand Paul

Tulsi Gabbard

Trey Gowdy

James Kallstrom

Pat Buchanan

Julian Assange

Edward Snowden

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Michael Savage

Catherine Herridge

Laura Ingraham

Sara Carter and John Solomon of Circa News

Jay Sekulow

Pearson Sharp of OANN (very young, but had the guts to talk about Seth Rich and Dennis Montgomery)

Jerome Corsi

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch

Nassim Taleb

Alexander Elder

Peter Schiff

Rick Santelli

Art Cashen

Martin Armstrong

The age-old masters of literature whose wisdom has reverberated through history.








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