By Destroying A Dam Of Lies, Trump Unleashes The River Of Truth

Envision the truth as a tangible entity.

Say for the sake of this article that it is personified as a river in a barren land.

Expanding the metaphor further, think upon humanity’s vital needs – like culture, morality, religion, industry, family – as the bumper crops that must be sown near its banks or they will wither and die.

As you may have noticed, every one of those aforementioned crops of Western life has degenerated in recent generations. Not just one or two. All of them. Surely, that cannot be mere coincidence.

So why is this?

It is because the political establishment and their willing allies in the mass media and megacap corporations have constructed a Dam of Lies that blocks the flow of this River of Truth.

Politicians designed it.

The nouveau-capitalist Robber Barons paid for it.

Corrupt hired hands built it.

The media stand guard and control the floodgates.

And no just form of governance, be it democracy or a Constitutional republic or any other, can survive for long when cut off from its wellspring.

The Poisoning of the River of Truth

Until now, the keepers of the Dam had left the valve spigot cracked open just enough to let forth a trickle of Truth; a paltry ration, to be sure, but sufficient to allow those downriver to amble about, oblivious to their privation.

downloadThose great men of ownership – we’ll call them here Oligarchs and Oligarch’s Helpers – thriving carefree and reckless atop the dam, have spent decades tossing the refuse of their moral excesses over the balustrade. Poisonous things like drugs, pornography, corruption, mindless diversion, moral relativism.

Today’s murky, stagnant river is the result of their jetsam, a toxic tincture of the Lethe and Stygian waters.

And they are withering our prize crops.

For those of us who have known the taste of the fruits of purer waters it makes for some nasty subsistence. Sadly, some people, the impressionable youth, have never tasted anything else. For others still – those poor Lost Souls of the Left – their palates “progressed” and they have even begun to enjoy the taste of spoiled produce.

The Oligarchs have created through this blockage and subsequent poisoning of a society’s lifeblood, a kind of concentration camp of the spirit; the captivity of a once-great civilization wasting away for want of meaning.

The Uprising and Siege

We know the River Truth still exists but us proles are living on the wrong side and we yearn to see her in her glory again.

Fortunately, alternative media websites and talk radio icons like Michael Savage have slowly built channels to reroute the River Truth, diverting it so that those of us who refuse to eat of the rotten crop can again have nourishment. At first sip, it gave us a wonderful head rush. We were still too weakened to do much more than bask a while, but it also gave the hope of better days.

The Oligarchs at that time were too concerned with perfecting the dam to worry about a small outlet. But time passed and the channel widened. We became invigorated and walked the banks, sharing a ladle of The Truth with our friends and neighbors. Eventually, the small core of awakening peasants burgeoned into an army of those who thirsted for more.

All we lacked was a leader with enough resources and of sufficiently strong hide to take on the Oligarchs and their adjutants. Perhaps it would be a billionaire who once routinely broke bread with them on the parapets of control and who became disaffected by what he saw; someone who likes tall buildings and walls but despises the dam that has impoverished a whole civilization.

The peasants didn’t even have to court or hire their general. He came to them. His name is Donald Trump and his ad hoc army, The Deplorables. They knew they had to lay siege to the Dam of Lies to live the just life they once enjoyed.

And are they ever making the Oligarchy’s life the purest of hells today.

The Establishment Defends the Dam of Lies

For every deception of the ruling class that Trump’s Army exposes, it is a figurative pickaxe driven into the dam’s facade. Julian Assange has been assisting from the flanks, overriding the electronic controls. Volunteer saboteur James O’ Keefe is doing his part undercover, giving Trump some TNT to help the cause.

The Oligarchs are in a state of panic. So many cracks to patch. So many holes to plug. The Hans Brinkers of the Democratic Party are running out of fingers to stuff in the dike, and that is not a Hillary and Huma joke.

In response to this plebeian election uprising, the helpers in the mainstream media have spun the valve righty-tighty to a full shut in late 2016. Now no Truth at all is flowing through the dam.

The left’s counter-offensive has been epic in its ferocity and scope.

  • News suppression by burying ledes or ignoring evidence inconvenient to the Leftist Establishment
  • Moderator debate hijacking
  • Poll-rigging
  • Character-assassination-by-porn-star
  • Dark pool thuggery and dirty tricks via exploiting grandmas on oxygen and the mentally ill

All vested, corrupt hands are on dam duty now. Because no matter how much infighting there is on their side, they are united in their hatred of you, the unwashed Man of the traditional West; it is the hatred of the thousand nukes they’d rather let fall from the skies than give power back to you.

President Obama, the powerful figurehead of the Deep State, recently moved to shut off the side channels, declaring  his preference for “truthiness” in the “wild, wild west” of alternative media. He knows, as a confirmed, radical leftist should, that less than complete control is no control at all

But most galling of all, in the hypocrisy of the ages, the media apparatchiks and our governmental commissars are shrieking daily about how Donald Trump is “killing our democracy” when they are killing it with the Dam of Lies.

If what they are allegedly protecting is indeed some bastardized version of democracy, they can clutch their deformed offspring to their black hearts for eternity for all we care.

You and I just want our Constitutional republic back. You know, the actual form of government that made America great.

So as they yell “murderer!” for something that does not and has never existed in the U.S.A., we the Deplorables are casting a much more valid charge:

That the Leftists are killing truth itself.

And they will succeed if we do not destroy the Dam of Lies by November 8th.







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