Charles Hugh Smith: “Bureaucratic Sclerosis” Destroying America

status quo big government destroying america

Charles Hugh Smith is a deep and subtle thinker. He was one of the first to understand the link between economic distortions and our country’s political and cultural failings.

In this article, Smith writes about “bureaucratic sclerosis” in education, expanding government, and the financialization of the economy. Excerpt is below, but everything he publishes on his blog, Of Two Minds, is well worth the read.

Are we fiddling while Rome burns? I would say yes–because we’re not solving any of the structural problems that are dooming the status quo. Instead, we’re allowing a corrupt, corporate mainstream media to distract us with fake “Russians hacked our election” hysteria, false “cultural war” mania, and a laughably Orwellian frenzy over fake news which magically avoids mentioning the propaganda narratives pushed 24/7 by the mainstream media–narratives that are the acme of fake news.
The media is only half the problem, of course; the audience doesn’t want to hear about structural problems that can only be fixed by disrupting the status quo. If we don’t accept that the financial system we inhabit is imploding, maybe all the problems will go away.
The system is coughing up blood and we still want to believe it is “recovering” from a cold.
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