Bannon And Moore Are The Establishment’s Worst Nightmare

steve bannon roy moore nationalist leaders show the way to destroy establishment

If there was ever a doubt that Steve Bannon had his finger on the pulse of the American nationalist voter, the recent primary victory of Judge Roy Moore in Alabama put it to rest.

The path to victory for the right, as shown by Trump and Bannon, is clear:

NEVER APOLOGIZE for your beliefs and go on the offensive.

You could not dream up a more politically incorrect candidate, and I say that with full admiration and affection. In case you missed it, here’s one of his campaign speeches:

This also serves as further proof that the GOP wing represented by status quo wonks like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is done for. Speaking of McConnell, check these broadsides delivered by Bannon:

There should also be little skepticism that Trump and Bannon parted ways – planned, I believe – for a larger purpose. He is the scourge of the Washington establishment and is most effective in a roving capacity.

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  1. This man (well, both, but very fond of what Bannon, esp, is doing) is my hero. Hope that he left the administration because he was more effective on the loose.

    • Hello Vladdy,

      I believe this is the case. Bannon is an incredibly smart, uncompromising and able man. Every movement needs men of his capacity.
      Thanks for your comment, my friend.


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