Bankers And Lawyers And Politicians, Oh My!

white collar crime trickle down corruption

As each day passes, the American public is getting wiser to the internal rot in our institutions. It is a veritable infestation of corruption.

Add this anecdote from Martin Armstrong to the list (my comments are below):

There is something much more sinister going on behind the curtain. I have warned that you really are taking your life in your hands doing business in New York City with a bank because NOBODY ever wins against the bankers no matter what they do. This begs the question about why are banks paying huge fines, yet nobody goes to jail, and there is never a trial while class action suits are summarily dismissed? Something is seriously wrong here. To discover the answer, as always, just follow the money!

So why are the banks paying huge fines but then nobody can sue them? An inside source coming from a lawyer who worked internally at a bank, explained that the New York Attorney General simply walks into his office and informs them they will hand over $1.2 billion in fines and he does not care about defenses or the rule of law. It is plain criminal extortion.  The bankers pay these fines because they cannot afford to go to trial and lose for then class action lawsuits from depositors and shareholders will bury the institution. So the judges are in on the scam and class action lawsuits are dismissed with absurd reasoning and the government makes billions in the process. Hence this corruption (1) leads to too big to jail and (2) it merely encourages bankers to do whatever they desire knowing they will pay a small percentage of what they make.

Who pays for all these fines? I was told they simply set aside an amount for what is called “protection” money just like dealing with the Mafia. The bankers raise fees to fund these so the consumer is the one paying for these huge fines not really even the shareholders. It is indeed organized crime at the government level.

[Sounds like how Preet Bharara built his reputation as tough on Wall Street while not one big fish got cuffed.]

People ask why I spend so much time focusing on the Deep State and the crimes of the Clintons.

It’s because our system of governance has been so degraded over the last century that it better resembles a Ponzi scheme or the Mafia’s organizational flowchart than the Founder’s original conception of the public trust.

Most of what is wrong in the world can be tied back to Trickle-Down Corruption and white collar crime.This rigged system makes normally good people – those lower in the food chain – do immoral things to get ahead or even merely to survive. Serve the system or starve is more and more the rule.

The populace must be shown that crimes committed behind office doors in skyscrapers are infinitely more harmful to a just society than those done in a garbage-filled alley.

Perp walks are needed. Public corruption must be routed.

Otherwise, any potential reforms will be fleeting and a different cast of frauds in suits will take their place suckling the institutional teat.

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