Awan Brothers Scandal, the DNC, and Trump’s Sun Tzu Tactics

trump sun tzu tactics awan brothers

When the scope of political corruption connected to the Awan Brothers scandal is fully revealed and disseminated, it alone will outstrip anything seen in our nation’s history. But it is merely the loose thread that will eventually unravel the mantle of organized criminality.

It will show that we have been governed by pure sociopathy for almost thirty years. The Awan fiasco is big enough to reduce the present-day Democratic Party to rubble. Charges of capital crimes will be brought when all is said and done.

In times of darkest deception and treason, history has shown that gallows and lampposts await conspirators. At best. Traitors to the public trust have always been dealt with more harshly than those committing other offenses. Think of the Roman “penalty of the sack.”

The next few years will be a struggle for this nation. However, once the cancer of corruption is cut out, we can live as a just people once again.

Donald Trump is playing a masterful long game, employing Sun Tzu’s and Patton’s tactics against the Deep State and he is winning. Few are keen and subtle enough to see through the Kabuki of the last week, but for those who are, they are being treated to acts of genius in real time.

It is no coincidence he has surrounded himself with military generals. Gen. Michael Flynn, who knows all about Obama, likely red-pilled Trump years ago about what he was going up against. He has been preparing for this presidency for a long time.

There is a reason for everything Trump says and does and he knows a lot more about the Deep State than you’d think.


There’s a reason he made a trip to Langley his first major visit after his inauguration.

Oh, Imran, even the Clinton’s lawyer friend won’t be able to save you.


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