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Welcome to Dystopia, USA.

The purpose of this site is to illustrate to our readers the brick-by-brick dismantling of the American middle class that has been accelerating in the past few years. Most citizens can feel something is nebulously wrong about our country, but can’t pinpoint it exactly. That’s where we come in.

We’re caught in a pincer attack and are being looted by:

  • Corporate/fascistic interests for whom profit is  all.
  • Politicians who will sacrifice the greater good for reelection.
  • Cultural factions who want to subvert natural law.
  • The media that enables all of the above.

It’s all quite complex, but the above four groups have formed a mutually beneficial system that enrich themselves and further their political agendas at the same time.

Consider them as rustlers holding prods and ourselves as the cattle being taken off the lands we once roamed. We’re not being led to greener pastures and they don’t look at us as dairy cows. We’re beef cows, plain and simple, destined for the slaughterhouse unless we do some trampling.

This has been decades in the making. There have been portents, omens and signs along the way if one knew where to look. The Three Wise Men of dystopian literature sure did. George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and C.S. Lewis warned us of these usurpers more than a half-century ago. We now stand at an historical tipping point – at the edge of, or just inside, these three writers’ worst nightmares – so any future course of action must be informed by their wisdom.

Thank you as ever for reading, folks. If you believe the work being done here is important, help me to keep going by chipping in a few bucks for the cause on my Patreon page.



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